NetEase blames ‘explosion’ at Activision for the end of Blizzard PC games in China | Biden News

[ad_1] What you need to know Blizzard will suspend several of its games in China because it cannot reach an agreement with publisher NetEase. Simon Zhu, the president of NetEase, took to LinkedIn to criticize Blizzard, citing (sic) “how much damage an idiot can do.” The end of the partnership between Blizzard and NetEase does … Read more

Microsoft just gave you permission to play games during meetings | Biden News

[ad_1] The practicality of most video chat features is debatable—this is Rich Stanton, joining the meeting from the bridge of the Starship Enterprise—but I still wasn’t expecting Microsoft Teams’ newest feature: video games. The Games for Work application (opens in a new tab) will allow bosses worldwide to add a game to a Teams meeting. … Read more

Most of Blizzard’s games will not be available in China starting next year | Biden News

[ad_1] Since 2008, Blizzard’s games have been published in mainland China through licensing agreements with NetEase. Those license agreements will expire on January 23, 2023, and will not be renewed, Blizzard announced. (opens in a new tab). Game services for World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Diablo 3, the StarCraft series and Heroes of the Storm … Read more

BRAVERY & GREED by Rekka Games Will Launch on PC and Consoles! — GameTyrant | Biden News

[ad_1] The two-person team behind Rekka Games and a publisher Team 17 released their latest title, Bravery & Greed today! The up to four-player co-op beat ’em up is out now on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. As a rogue, warrior, wizard or amazon, players will enter a series of procedurally generated. … Read more

November 2022 Xbox and PC Game Pass games include Warhammer 40K Darktide | Biden News

[ad_1] The Microsoft Game Pass lineup for November gets a lot stronger on Tuesday with the release of two new games: Repentancethe stylish new role-playing murder mystery game from Obsidian Entertainment, and Somervillea sort of spiritual successor to dark platform puzzle games like Inside and Limbo. Both of those new games are available on cloud, … Read more

Thousands Of PC Games Discounted In New Black Friday Sale | Biden News

[ad_1] Green Man Gaming offers huge deals before Black Friday, making it easy to stock up on PC games this holiday season. Beyond its extensive catalog of discounts, you’ll want to check back every 48 hours as the retailer offers new “Star Deals” that will further lower prices on select titles. As if discounted games … Read more

I Miss The Days When PC Games Came In Giant, Impractical Cardboard Boxes | Biden News

[ad_1] I gave up on having a physical video game collection a long time ago. There used to be rickety stacks of discs and cartridges littering my apartment. Now I have one small shelf with some Blu-rays on it. I fully embraced digital life—even though these services I gave money to could shut down tomorrow … Read more