Google Play for PC beta brings your Android games to the big screen | Biden News


Here at PC Gamer we tend to like playing games on PC. Many of us are open enough to find fun in other places, like consoles and the like, but we still like our computers. We like our computers so much that we get excited when we can play non-PC games on them. Every time Sony decides to release something like God of War (opens in a new tab)or Spider-Man (opens in a new tab) on our beloved platform we go crazy with festive mods (opens in a new tab).

These huge ultra impressive games (opens in a new tab) finally coming to PC is always a cause for excitement, but what about maybe hundreds of little ones? As of today, Google has officially launched its Google Play Games for PC beta across Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. This means that users with Google Play accounts from those regions will be able to control some Android game titles on their PC.


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