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Longtime boxing commentator and trainer Teddy Atlas thinks that Jake Paul should stay in the boxing industry for a long time to help bring about changes in the sport.

Paul is scheduled to compete with Hasim Rahman Jr. in the boxing match he will play on August 6 before the final match is cancelled. Paul and his team alleged that the meeting was a result of Rahman’s attempt to renegotiate and change the balance of the fight. That’s all water under the bridge now, with Paul set to return to action tonight against Anderson Silva.

Paul has not fought in the ring since former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley did in December last year. He is undefeated in his career and has become more influential in the boxing world than other fighters such as his brother, Logan, and fellow YouTuber KSI.

With his fight wins, Paul wants to change the way boxers are paid for their efforts. He also repeatedly fired shots at UFC President Dana White over the UFC’s handling of fighter salaries.

Atlas took a more welcoming approach to Paul’s presence in the sport than some of his boxing colleagues. He feels that Paul carries himself well for a boxer who likes to be a boxer.

Teddy Atlas Praises Jake Paul For “The Walk”

Jake Paul Teddy Atlas
Jake Paul, Teddy Atlas (Credit Image: Mike Ehrmann & Chris Farina/AFP)

During an episode of his WAR podcast, Atlas gave Paul credit when it came to dealing with cancellations and making sure the other fighters on the card were taken care of.

“When a fight breaks out…before, they don’t get paid,” Atlas said after the Paul/Rahman cancellation. “There is insurance, the promoters take the insurance, and they get something. I’m sure Jake has insurance there and everything. But you will never hear about these fighters getting anything for the amount of time and money they spent preparing for this fight. You never will, ever. I just want to make sure I believe this is unheard of.

“That’s because Jake is not a boxer, but he’s new to the business and he said he wants to do a few things. Everyone said that, and they were all full of laughter. This person actually does something different… this person actually talks the talk, walks the walk. He is actually doing something unheard of that has never been done before. And I think it’s because he’s new to the game and he has his own opinion about it, he says it, and he lives up to it. He will give 50% of the purses to these guys who have never been in the ring before.

“So I hope he continues to do the business. I hope you will be successful in whatever you do and continue in business because we could use a good wind like you.

Paul hinted at eventually switching to mixed martial arts online and going as far as fighting in the UFC. He is focused on his boxing at the moment but was recently seen kicking in the gym ahead of a possible return to the cage.

Many people doubted the truth of what Paul did to make a difference not only to boxing but to fighting sports as a whole. On the contrary, Atlas feels Paul’s presence in boxing is more beneficial than the prisoners.

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