Saudi Arabia wants to spend $13 billion to buy ‘major games publisher’ | Biden News


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made some big moves into the gaming space in recent years. Through various public agencies, it made large investments in Capcom, Nexon, Nintendo (opens in a new tab)ESL Gaming (opens in a new tab)SNK (opens in a new tab)and Embracer Group (opens in a new tab). And it’s not done yet: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who, according to many intelligence services, is responsible for the brutal murder and dismemberment of Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi. (opens in a new tab) in 2018, announced plans to invest nearly $38 billion across four separate programs, more than $13 billion of which will go toward acquiring a “major game publisher.”

The investments will be made by Savvy Games Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, which is chaired by bin Salman, widely considered the architect of Yemen’s ongoing civil war. (opens in a new tab) this resulted in approximately 377,000 deaths. This is how the investment will be divided:

  • $18.7 billion for “a series of minority equity investments in key companies that support Savvy’s game development agenda.”
  • $13.3 billion for “the acquisition and evolution of a leading game publisher to become a strategic development partner.”
  • $5.3 billion investing in “mature industry partners that add value and expertise to Savvy’s portfolio.”
  • $533 million for “diversified investments in industry disruptors to grow early game and esports companies.”


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