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Best MBA Colleges in India with Best ROI

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Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most popular and expensive courses in India. Top management colleges in India charge INR 10 to 25 Lacs for MBA programs including PGDM/PGP programs. The reason why management colleges charge high tuition fees is because of the effectiveness of the program in the future of students. Students can truly believe that spending large sums of money on any MBA program can earn them more money in the future by getting into a decent profession. If you complete your MBA from any IIM (Indian Institute of Management), you can be very confident that you will get a good package salary.

What is ROI (Return on Investment)?
ROI means how much you earn after investing/spending your money in the course.
Colleges with low course fees and high salary packages will have high ROI.
Colleges with high course fees and low salary packages will have low ROI.

Top 10 MBA Colleges Delivering the Best ROI in India
Below is a list of the best MBA colleges in India that offer the best ROI. The data below also represents the cost structure and ROI percentage based on the average salary package offered during the 2022 placements:

IIM Ahmedabad
The NIRF 2022 ranking places IIM Ahmedabad first in the “Management” category. Admission to IIM Ahmedabad is primarily based on CAT scores for the two-year MBA program. The minimum CAT percentile required for admission is 80 as of 2022 admission. However, the actual CAT percentile required for admission to IIM Ahmedabad is 99-100. The decrease in the CAT cutoff is due to the sectional cutoff and academic diversity.

The total tuition fee for MBA/PGPM is INR 23 Lacs for 2 years. During the 2021-22 deployment, the average package offered at IIM Ahmedabad is INR 25 LPA. The top recruiters in the placement effort are PwC, Goldman Sachs, Standard Chartered, American Express & Bain and co.
Total Cost: INR 23 Lacs
Average Plan: INR 25 LPA
ROI= 92%

II Calcutta
IIM Calcutta is ranked third in the ‘Management’ category of the 2022 NIRF Rankings. Admission to the program requires 85th percentile in the CAT exam. For the one year full-time PGP program, IIM Calcutta charges INR 27.2 Lacs. During the IIM Calcutta 2022 placement, a total of 465 students of the 57th batch were placed with an average salary package of INR 34 LPA. Leading companies including Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Company, and Accenture Strategy are among the top companies in IIM Calcutta in 2022.
Total Cost: INR 27.2 Lacs
Average package: INR 34 LPA
ROI= 125%

IIM Bangalore
IIM Bangalore has the second best MBA-PGP course in India as per the NIRF 2022 ranking. The minimum CAT percentile required for admission to the institute is 85%. IIM Bangalore charges INR 23 Lacs for the MBA-PGP program and places students in companies like Microsoft, Oracle, OYO, Amagi Labs, Google, Atlassian etc. The average salary package offered to students is INR 33.34 LPA.
Total Cost: INR 23 Lacs
Average Package: INR 33.34 LPA
ROI= 144.9%

FMS Delhi
FMS Delhi, a foundation college of the University of Delhi, offers a 2-year MBA program at the 99th percentile of the CAT. The institution recently has an Executive MBA and an HCA Executive MBA from the 2022 academic year. FMS Delhi is a college renowned for its outstanding ROI. With INR 1.92 Lacs as the total cost for the 2 year MBA program, the institute has an average salary package of up to INR 32.4 LPA. During the FMS Delhi 2022 placement, 257 students are placed with a 100% placement rate. The highest and median packages offered are INR 58 LPA and INR 30 LPA, respectively.
Total Cost: INR 1.92 Lacs
Average plan: INR 32.4 LPA
ROI= 1687%

II Rohtak
IIM Rohtak offers a full-time MBA program, also known as the Postgraduate Program in Management (PGP). The total fee charged by the institute is INR 16.85 Lacs. The minimum CAT percentile required for admission is 95%. During the IIM Rohtak 2022 placement drive, 80 participating companies achieved a 100% placement rate. The average CTC offered is INR 16.06 LPA and the highest package is INR 32 LPA. The top recruiters in the placement process are Bain Capability Network, KPMG, Infosys Consulting, Deloitte, OfBusiness, etc.
Total Cost: INR 16.85 Lacs
Average package: INR 16.06 LPA
ROI= 93.5%

IIFT Delhi
The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade’s flagship MBA program specializes in International Business (IB). For working executives, B-School also provides an MBA (IB) program in a weekend mode. Admission to the institute is based on IIFT entrance exam scores. The required time limit for selection is 118-120 in the IIFT exam. The total cost for the 2 year MBA in IB program is INR 18.78 Lacs. For this year’s placement, 82 companies participated in the drive. The average package offered in the placement process is INR 25.16 LPA and the highest package is INR 46.5 LPA. For international offers, the highest package goes up to INR 80 LPA.
Total Cost: INR 18.78 Lacs
Average package: INR 25.16 LPA
ROI= 133.9%

IIM Ranchi
IIM Ranchi offers an MBA program in nine specializations and an executive program in management. In addition, the institute has initiated a certified Barefoot Manager program to help out-of-school and illiterate children to develop their business and work-related skills. The total cost for the 2 year MBA at IIM Ranchi is INR 16.30 Lacs. During the IIM Ranchi MBA 2022 placement drive, the highest package and average package offered are INR 42 LPA and INR 16.62 LPA, respectively. 77 companies participated in the placement drivers from key sectors such as IT/ITES and Consulting.
Total Cost: INR 16.30 Lacs
Average Package: INR 16.62 LPA
ROI= 101.9%

MDI, Gurgaon
The college provides a variety of postgraduate programs, each lasting two years, including PGDM, PGDM-HRM, and PGDM-IB. For selection, candidates must have a 94.93 percentile in the CAT exam and 680+ scores in the GMAT exam. MDI Gurgaon charges INR 23.47 Lacs for the PGDM program (MBA equivalent). During the 2022 MDI Gurgaon PGDM and PGDM IB placements, the Technology, Media and Telecommunications sector offers the highest salaries up to INR 1.14 CPA while the average
the package stands at INR 32.2 LPA.
Total Cost: INR 23.47 Lacs
Average plan: INR 32.3 LPA
ROI= 138.03%

IIM Indore
The two-year, full-time Postgraduate Program (PGP) in Management provided by IIM Indore is a certified course approved by the Association of MBAs, London (AMBA, UK-based accrediting organization). Candidates must score 90th percentile on the CAT to get a seat at IIM Indore. The total cost for the 2 year program is INR 16.1 Lacs. IIM Indore provides an average salary package of INR 25.90 LPA and the highest package up to INR 70 LPA. During the deployment of IIM Indore 2022, top recruiters such as Asian Paints, Bajaj Auto, and Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Limited participated in
Total Cost: INR 16.1 Lacs
Average plan: INR 25.90 LPA
ROI= 160.86%

IIM Kozhikode
The main educational program provided by IIM Kozhikode is the two-year full-time Postgraduate Management Program (PGP). The NIRF 2022 ranking places IIT Kozhikode at 5th place in the Management category. IIM Kozhikode PGP specializes in 8 courses and charges INR 19 Lacs for the entire programme. For the 2022 placement, more than 116 recruiters participated in the drive, awarding 546 students with 571 offers. The highest and average packages offered are INR 61.5 LPA and INR 26.5 LPA, respectively. The average salary package, however, remains at INR 29.5 LPA. The top recruiters in the placement drive are Accenture, Amazon, Microsoft, Deloitte,
TCS, HCL, etc.

Total Cost: INR 19 Lacs
Average plan: INR 29.5 LPA
ROI= 155.26%

The MBA is a renowned degree that guarantees you the best and most prestigious opportunities in top roles in advanced organizations. With the right skills and smart ideas, you can qualify to launch your own startup, business or company even after earning an MBA.


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