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Need to know

what is that A Castlevania themed roguelike where you try to survive waves of draculas, wolves and skeletons.
Wait to pay $5/£4
Release date October 20, 2022
Developer poncle
Publisher poncle
Revised on Steam Deck, Core i5 12600K, RTX 3070, 32 GB RAM
Multiplayer? No
Link steam (opens in a new tab)

Like many PC gamers, I’ve gotten a little spoiled spending single digit dollars on games on Steam after all these years. I managed to snag Deus Ex: Invisible War for 40 cents, which I’m pretty sure is what video games cost during the Great Depression. Never played it, but still, the value.

It’s with that exposure to cheap gaming in mind that I say Vampire Survivors is one of the best deals you can get on PC. It’s a resourceful, surprising bullet hell roguelike, one that will work on anything and had me muttering the disastrous “one more run” mantra at one in the morning after everyone in the house was asleep. As PC Gamer editor Robin Valentine put it on Twitter the other day, “It’s dangerous to have on your hard drive.”


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