Stadia game developers had no idea that Google was killing Stadia | Biden News


The news that Stadia is shutting down is a bit of a surprise, but no cleaning spit takes coffee off its screen. Stadia’s offering has never sounded so good: Here are some games you like, but with video compression, extra input lag and other internet issues, and they cost full price, plus a subscription fee if you want 4K streaming. There were some good features, and Stadia worked as well as any game streaming can work right now, but Google really Leeroy Jenkins the whole thing by launching it before it was ready, chivalrously starting an in-house game studio and then axing it. it after a year, and making a ridiculous announcement that failed to communicate why anyone should take a chance on the service.

It’s classic Google: There’s a website dedicated to recalling products that the search and advertising giant has buried. Maybe that bold willingness to fail is why Google has a market cap of over a trillion dollars and I don’t, but it’s not great for the people who trusted the company’s commitment to Stadia. Stadia users will lose access to their games, and although they are getting refunds, many save files will disappear into the void. Meanwhile, game developers who made Stadia versions of their games seem to have lost their time, and based on the feedback we’re seeing, they’ve found out that Stadia is gone at the same time.


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