Remember Epic’s action MOBA that evaporated due to the success of Fortnite? It’s back | Biden News


One of the big casualties of Fortnite’s runaway success was, surprisingly enough, Epic’s own video game: Paragon. First released in 2016 after many years of development, this bombastic third-person MOBA never gained enough traction and, when Fortnite took off, Epic decided to pull the plug. It did so in an interesting way though, shutting down the game but releasing all of its $17 million worth, for free, on the Epic Game Store.

Several games have already been released that use Paragon’s assets. Blame: Elder Orb has been on Steam since 2020, while Omeda Studios is working on a MOBA called Forerunner. So we come full circle to a game that not only uses all of Paragon’s assets, but has received permission from Epic to use the game’s branding—welcome to Paragon: The Overprime.


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