Giovanni De Carolis vs Daniele Scardina on January 27 in Milan | Biden News


OPI Since 82 will promote the rematch between Giovanni De Carolis and Daniele Scardina, on Friday 27 January 2023 at the Allianz Cloud in Milan.

On the stake is the WBO Intercontinental super middleweight title and the pride of Italy.

The first fight, which took place last May 13, was the biggest Italian boxing match in the last 10 years that attracted the attention of the people and the media that brought about 5.000 people to the Allianz Cloud.

In the four corners, one man emerged as the clear winner, and that was Giovanni De Carolis who won by TKO in the fifth round.

Although he was disappointed by the fight, Daniele Scardina himself pushed for the idea of ​​a replay, as confirmed by Christian and Alessandro Cherchi from OPI Since 82:

“Daniele is a very courageous boxer. He is aware of the mistakes he made during the first battle, but he also knows how to improve and how to learn from what happened. He trains hard but more than that, he has a strong character. He has a vision. Daniele is convinced that he can beat De Carolis. “

Giovanni De Carolis responded from Rome. After that magical night last May, he found more enthusiasm in training sessions and was stronger mentally and physically than ever.

“I had a great performance last night in Milan and I want to repeat it. Daniele and I really gave the fans and the public a great show and I think that Italian boxing needs two fighters like us, who give and everything they have in the ring”.

More information about tickets and television stations for the show will be released soon.


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