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Atlus’ Persona 5 Royal has broken free from console exclusivity and is now available on Switch, Xbox and PC via Steam, which is the latest platform we’ve played the game on.

The Steam version of Persona 5 Royal is particularly interesting because it supports 120 FPS, while the PS5 version only runs at 60 FPS. While I’m not much into graphics or performance, if you want the highest quality version of the game for your setup, stealing hearts on Steam might be the way to go.

At this point, I don’t think it goes without saying that Persona 5 Royal is a good game. In fact, it is one of the best RPGs of the last generation of consoles and a must-play for fans of the genre especially now that it is available on almost all platforms. As such, this article will focus less on a full review and more on what’s different and unique about the PC version.

Personal on computer

I played Persona 5 Royal on a monitor with a 144hz refresh rate. Being a turned RPG, Persona 5 Royal certainly doesn’t get many benefits from higher FPS. That said, it does help the game feel smoother and more responsive, which goes well with the style of the game. When you’re moving from room to room, stealing treasure, ambushing enemies, and launching the full assault, everything feels just a little more fluid.

Other options include support for resolutions as low as 640 x 480 alongside the rendering scale, which you can adjust from 50% to 200%. Other options include changing the Shadow quality (low, medium, high), screen brightness, anti-aliasing (none, FXAA, SMAA), and enabling or disabling depth of field (off, low, high). So, if you have a less powerful computer, you can adjust the game to suit your machine.

The PC version also goes a step further by allowing you to adjust the individual volume for voices, movies, sound effects and music in addition to the master volume. This is also something you can’t do in console versions.

person 5 pc

Overall though, the difference between the highest settings and the lowest settings wasn’t that different. All textures, shadows, items, effects, everything still looks the same. So playing it with the best picture quality and getting 60 FPS is very easy even on a low to medium computer.

Bugs In The Palace

Since I played it on an overclocked PC, Persona 5 Royal ran very smoothly. There’s no stuttering or frame drops, just a solid 120 FPS all the way through, even when in busy areas.

Unfortunately, we encountered some bugs in the game. For example, when entering a certain room, I would sometimes get stuck in place and while loading, the game would sometimes freeze on a black screen. To fix this, I had to reset the game and relaunch it. These were pretty rare occurrences, but they happened more than once, so it’s something to remember.

Mouse Keyboard and DualSense

person 5 pc

The game supports the PS5 DualSense for PC but does not use any of its features. You won’t experience features like Adaptive Triggers or Haptic Feedback here. The only thing we get is some vibrations when they take damage. It’s not a big loss but would have been a nice inclusion.

One thing I really liked about the controller support, though, was that it automatically showed me DualSense/PlayStation buttons when connected to my computer. This means you won’t see the Xbox button layout when you play it with the PlayStation controller, something that can often be confusing when starting up many PC games. It’s a nice feature that makes the game more convenient to pick up and play.

I also tried the game with keyboard and mouse. It worked fine, but I felt that the default keybindings were a little crowded, so it took a while to memorize them all. As such, I think playing it with a controller would be more optimal.


person 5 pc

So should you play Persona 5 Royal on PC? The short answer is Yes.

You should play Persona 5 Royal in general and the Steam version is a more than viable option with higher resolution and smoother frame rates. It has some issues, but they are so minor that they don’t stop you from enjoying the game’s engaging story, lovable characters, and slick turn-based gameplay.

If you haven’t bought Persona 5 Royal yet, now is more than right time to let it take your heart.

Review copy provided by Sega. Revised on computer.


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