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Are you looking to optimize graphics settings on your PC to achieve the best performance in Modern Warfare 2? Then read on to find out.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has finally arrived and is already shaping up to be one of the biggest Call Of Duty releases to date. After already amassing over 200,000 concurrent players on Steam within 24 hours of its release and breaking records as one of the biggest Call Of Duty releases on Playstation, it’s clear that millions of players around the world are dropping into multiplayer to battle it out in various of different game modes.

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Although most players will want to go straight to matchmaking, doing so without optimizing your graphics settings may prevent you from playing to the best of your ability. Optimizing your graphics settings will not only allow your game to run at peak performance, but can also reduce the stress on your hardware and increase your frame rate. This guide will provide you with the best graphics settings in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Display Settings

Display Mode Full Screen Exclusive
Screen Refresh Highest available
Dynamic Resolution Off
VSYNC (Playback and Menu) Off (on if you have G-Sync Monitor)
Custom Frame Rate Limit Maximum
Focus Mode Off

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Quality Settings

Global Quality

Quality Presets Recommended (will automatically change settings based on your hardware capabilities)
Return Resolution 100
Magnification / Sharpen Fidelity FX CAS
FidelityFX CAS Strength 80
Anti-alienation Film SMAA T2X
Anti-Aliasing Quality Low

Details and Textures

Texture Resolution Low
Texture Filter Anisotropic Medium/High
Close Level of Detail Low
Remote Level of Detail Tall
Clutter Drawing Distance Short
Particle Quality Low
Particle Quality Level Low
Shader Quality Low
Tessellation Off
Earth Memory Minimum
On-Demand Texture Streaming Off
Streaming Quality Normal/low
Volumetric Quality Low
Delayed Physical Quality Low
Water Caustic Off

Shadow and Light

Screen Space Shadows Off
Spot Shadow Quality Low
Spot Cache Low
Particle Lighting Normal
Surrounding Occlusion Off
Screen Spatial Reflection Off
NVIDIA Reflex Disabled (Enabled if you have an NVIDIA graphics card)

Post-treatment Effects

Depth of Field Off
World and Weapon Motion Blur Off
Film Grain 0


View Settings

The visual settings are mostly down to personal preference. However, players who tend to have a higher FOV have a significant advantage because they can see more of the battlefield. While having a high FOV is known to affect your computer’s performance, this is really only the case for dated graphics cards. Below are the best settings that provide a balance between maximum performance and maximum visibility.

Field of view 90-120
ANNOUNCEMENTS Field of View affected
Weapon Sight wide

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