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Floyd Mayweather sits alone on the scale many boxers can only dream of after surpassing the great Rocky Marciano.

Despite the fear of former WBC champion Wanheng Menaythin hanging up his gloves at 54-0, Mayweather continues to own an undefeated retirement record.

Real name Chayaphon Moonsri, Wanheng’s decision in 2020 will show that Mayweather is not the main holder. But Wanheng has bounced back and currently sits at 55-3 after losing three of those four bouts.

It is a pleasure for Mayweather that Wanheng is back in the ring. It’s been three years since Mayweather defeated Marciano and Conor McGregor in Las Vegas.

The Michigan legend rose to sunset in half a century of success and with nearly a billion dollars earned during his career.

Rocky Marciano

In contrast, Marciano fought back in the days when purses were nothing like they are in today’s money. Known as the “Brockton Blockbuster,” Marciano retired from boxing in 1955, having amassed what appeared to be a combined 49-0.

Kicking 43 opponents, Marciano was a heavyweight who fought before the super-heavyweight era.

Campaigning mostly between 180 and 195 pounds, Marciano would be a heavyweight today. But he often fights against enemies who are heavier than himself.

This makes his achievements even more outstanding. However, Marciano can only beat what is in front of him in this era. Of course he did that.

Wins against Jersey Joe Walcott, Ezzard Charles, and a veteran Archie Moore helped propel Marciano into the Hall of Fame.

These days, all four have been working at different responsibilities.

Therefore, it is difficult to compare him with the great professionals of any future era. Since the 1960s, heavyweights have charged a lot.

Sonny Liston, then George Foreman, Ken Norton, and Larry Holmes. They brought a new breed.

Muhammad Ali, who was a combination of skill and speed, could have done it at any age.

An unbeaten run of 49 was up. But life expectancy alone has decreased from year to year.

Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather’s 50 wins come with more authenticity and freshness, simply because of the recording and viewing environment of the 21st century.

A workhorse like Marciano is in the gym; Mayweather had one goal when he started his career – to always be the best.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, the American boxer fought world champion after world champion once he reached the top with a victory over Oscar De La Hoya.

Ten years in, Mayweather was the top dog of the new century in 2007 and stayed at welterweight. He did not look back.

Even a spell in prison following the victory over Miguel Cotto could not destroy the power of “Money” of the man. The Olympic bronze medalist came back strong, defeating Canelo Alvarez in a knockout.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao

It’s impossible to even imagine anyone amassing a better CV if Manny Pacquiao’s opponent doesn’t come along.

Pacquiao’s streak of beating Mayweather’s victories came in the form of an unreal eight-weight world title.

Babylon’s emergence at the same time gives some hope for the future, even though the former senator has lost many times.

Those variables are probably the biggest flaws that separate them. He was the number one argument when Mayweather and Pacquiao’s fans clashed in conversation.

No doubt Mayweather’s speed display will also factor into the equation. However, Pacquiao started going to the circus.

Tickets for Mayweather’s Dubai vs. Deji fight this month are still being booked, even with just ten days to go. That would never have been possible in his time.

As for Wanheng, the Thai master will disappear into what may have been Mayweather’s reign.

Fighting his entire tenure in the lower divisions, Wanheng must move up at least two or three divisions to be considered serious in the discussion.

As things stand, Wanheng will have to settle for arguably being the best of his generation in the 105lb world class.

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