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The new Ford Ranger pickup will get a wilder, off-road version in the guise of the 2023 Ranger Raptor. The reduced version of the F-150 Raptor is equipped with a V6 engine and is able to conquer off-road thanks to various elements.

Nevertheless, there is Ford The Ranger truck that went mainstream in a different way. It’s equipped with a V8 engine and giant wheels to dominate off-road rides. YouTuber Westen Champlin recently took this truck home, and he’s so excited that he took it off-road right after putting it on the ground.

Ford Ranger with massive wheels and a loud roar

For the past few years, the automotive world has been talking about the newly introduced F-150 Raptor R. It borrows and improves upon the supercharged 5.2-liter V-8 Predator engine from the Mustang GT500 and wants to handle off-road like a Nu. But Westena’s Ranger should make the F-150 Raptor R scream oil because it’s essentially a very powerful off-road monster truck with massive wheels and a custom suspension.

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Westen bought this Ford Ranger monster truck online and had it shipped from a dealer in South Carolina to his residence in Winfield, Kansas. As soon as the truck was unloaded from the trailer, Westen wasted no time in taking a good look at his new purchase. It was really massive and he had to climb on the wheels to get into the driver’s cab.

However, the biggest surprise of Westen’s Ranger monster truck isn’t its massive wheels, but its very loud V8 engine. The engine didn’t just roar. It blazed as if it wanted to pierce the ears of all the neighbors. Still, it’s a sound that every gearhead like Westen loves.

A new look, spoiled by a dirty road

As expected, Westen conducted several test drives with the Ranger monster truck. Although the giant truck already looks great with its silver and gold finish, Westen thought it wasn’t exciting and entertaining enough. So he sent the Ranger to a workshop where it got a new livery – blue with yellow graphics on the back and yellow flames on the front.

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Using the backhoe to lift him up to the entrance of the Ranger’s monster truck, Westen went to where he could unleash his newfound pride. He tried to overcome every terrain and every obstacle, including muddy water, steep slope and mud.

While the truck is pretty good as is, Westen is planning some upgrades, including a new carburetor in the engine bay. With that in mind, he should probably invest in a step to get into the truck.

Source: Westen Champlin on YouTube


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