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How the 2023 Toyota Tacoma stacks up against the competition

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Each of these midsize pickup models is fighting for sales in a tough market — so how do they stack up against each other?

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Even though the current generation Toyota Tacoma has been around since Adam was an oak picker, it continues to enjoy a very strong presence and legions of fans. Regularly at the top of its segment in terms of sales, Big T is certainly capable of selling every Tacoma it can build—probably at a significant profit. It helps with the huge resale value and a rabid fan base that will likely defend the Tacoma’s reputation with the same ferocity as they tackle off-road obstacles.

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Still, it’s an uphill battle. Buyers are less brand loyal than perhaps at any time in recent memory, and so-called conquerors are at the center of many deals. Truck manufacturers know there’s no point resting on their laurels for too long; standing still is a surefire way to get past in a hurry. GM released new iterations of its midsize twins (Canyon and Colorado), Nissan introduced a modern version of its offering for the first time in years, and Ford has a new Ranger waiting for its time.

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2022 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X

“300” seems to be the current magic number when it comes to horsepower in midsize pickup trucks. Each of the contenders is within a stone’s throw of that figure, with the three newest models boasting 310 ponies. You can be sure that the next iterations of the Tacoma and Ranger (278 and 270 horses, respectively) will increase their output from current levels to at least match—and probably exceed—their rivals.

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Torque is another matter. In 2023, General Motors took the competition to school by cranking the crank to nearly 400 lb-ft. While Chevrolet engineers chose to offer the Colorado in three different states of tune (mid in our example), their GMC cousins ​​decided to give all Canyon pickups the strongest flavor they could muster at 430 lb-ft. The Tacoma and Frontier currently have less than 300 lb-ft of torque. In case you’re wondering, manual transmissions are a thing of the past on most of these models, with the exception of the Tacoma, which offers a six-speed transmission on some trims.


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2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

For those unfamiliar, payload is the maximum weight a vehicle can carry. This includes freight and passengers, and the amount of weight pressing on the back of the truck with the hitch. Typically, the latter value is about 10 to 15 percent of the trailer’s total weight. It’s important to know these details because it confirms that the advertised payload number isn’t just the maximum weight a pickup’s cargo bed can support.

With some off-road capabilities that take a bit of weight, the Ranger Tremor has a maximum payload of 1,475 pounds, compared to a slightly higher figure for some other trims. Meanwhile, the old Tacoma tips the scales at just 1,155 pounds when equipped with a Double Cab body and a V6 engine mated to an automatic transmission. Nissan owners can expect a bit more, as the Pro-4X checks it at 1230 for maximum payload.

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As a free tip that’s worth a fiver, know that just because your friend’s truck has a certain load capacity doesn’t mean you, with the same make and model but different equipment, will necessarily have the same hauling capabilities. Payload takes into account the total weight of the truck, so additional features may affect it. Case in point: The Canyon AT4 (and Colorado Z71) mentioned here has a 1,550-pound towing capacity, while the fancy AT4X Edition 1 is only 1,010 pounds, thanks in part to a bunch of factory-installed heavy-duty accessories.


It may surprise some gearhead owners who haven’t paid attention to the segment that these midsize cars can carry nearly as much weight as the half-tons of just a few years ago. Properly equipped with the 53R trailer package, a Ford Ranger can cost an impressive £7,500. Toyota says this spec Tacoma costs around £1,000 less, although it’s worth noting that all 4×4 variants of this truck come with this equipment – no extra packages required.

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At GMC, owners of a ’23 Canyon AT4 can go ahead and add 7,700 pounds to their truck’s hitch (Colorado Z71 drivers can do the same). A cautionary note is worth repeating here about comparing trims of the same make and model, as the Canyon AT4X and AT4X Edition 1 trims can only tow 6,000 and 5,500 pounds, respectively. Nissan? A total of 6,270 pounds for the Frontier in Pro-4X trim.


Each of the configurations presented here belongs to what the author calls the “off-road lite” variety, and the manufacturers of these trucks definitely doubt this statement. Still, it’s true that four out of five here have either a more robust off-road package available or another in the works. TRD Off-Road can be called for TRD Pro, Z71 for ZR2, and so on. Still, these trim levels provide a certain level of specialized off-road kit along with a dose of rugged style. For some customers, the latter is more than enough.

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For example, the GMC Canyon AT4 has a two-inch factory lift kit for 9.6 inches of ground clearance and a limited-slip differential for better grip in rough situations.

Long-term costs

Midsize Truck Cost Comparison

For this analysis, we dusted off the charts and methods we used earlier this year to estimate the estimated long-term costs of stocking electric vehicles versus their gasoline-powered equivalents. This time we’re ranking our list of midsize trucks. Our own David Booth expertly explained why buyers should look beyond the monthly car payment to find its true value.

Recognizing that some of these competitors have a variety of body styles and transmission types, we’ve chosen the extremely dominant cab configuration—four full doors and a short box—in the popular trim, paired with the most powerful engine and all-wheel drive. . The interest rates are current at the time of writing and obtained from the respective manufacturers, and the price estimates were made for new GM twins whose stickers have not yet been opened.

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The most surprising discovery? How close all five of these pickups are in 36-month total cost of ownership. With a spread of just $60.66 from least to most expensive, you can throw a blanket over this quintet and cover a lot. That said, three twenty dollar bills each month add up over time, so let’s take a look at where the money is going.

2022 Ford Ranger FX4

Perhaps the best way to compare and contrast is between the Ranger Tremor and the Tacoma TRD Off Road. Even though the Ford costs about $800 more, its better credit terms more than make up for that difference in monthly payment. Overall fuel costs are negligible (proving what we’ve long argued – you can have Eco or Boost, but not both) but maintenance costs have tipped heavily in favor of the Blue Oval, resulting in significant savings over three years. We’ll let our readers draw their own conclusions about the state of today’s interest rates and their impact on the amount buyers will actually pay for a car vis-à-vis its actual purchase price.

So, given that the average monthly cost for all five trucks being registered is roughly $1,200 per month each, our consumer advice turns to the buyer’s own priorities. This writer would probably choose the GMC for its high power and torque figures compared to its rivals, but others might be swayed by the Ford’s good looks or the Toyota’s future value. Whatever you choose, always consider all costs.


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