Taylor Swift Midnights Reaction From Fans: Awesome or ‘Hot Mess’? | Biden News


A new release Taylor Swift Albums are always a seismic moment in music, whether it’s as surprising as “Folklore” and “Evermore” or with weeks of advance notice like “Midnight,” which dropped on October 21st. Fans are jumping right in and sharing their thoughts with us here. Be sure to join the forum discussion and share your own Taylor Swift “Midnights” reactions.

“He’s a mastermind,” says the poster Monstro. And popguy Adding, “Another critically acclaimed smash! And another reason to stay clounderby pressed and ugly!!” But other initial reactions have been more mixed. M Argue, “The first few tracks were nice, but you quickly lose interest.” Joe Pedro Costa Cala Says, “‘Anti-Hero’ is the only standout for me.” Smurty11 “You need to take a break from that,” advises [producer] Jack Antonoff. It sounds a lot like ‘Lover’ and that album hasn’t aged well.” Lorenzo Dillard Says, “Taylor set the bar so high that I felt a little overwhelmed. Again, it’s not bad. Just not very memorable.” Clement This is called a “hot mess”.

But are our forum posters outliers? Interestingly, early reviews have been absolutely glowing gd Observing, “The general consensus that I see is that almost everyone except the critics (so far) is disappointed.” but Anna Artdeco Counters, “Reception on social media has been overwhelmingly positive, except for those who heard about the leak.” And Scottydog There are words of choice for the naysayers: “I try to look at Gold Derby as if it’s not a good album, it’s so predictable. I’m glad the general reaction is that it’s top-tier Taylor, because it is. Which side do you fall on?

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