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H3: The GMC Sierra EV truck is out, what about the electric Yukon?

The big reveal this week of GM’s third new electric SUV, the 2024 GMC Sierra EV, has us wondering what an electrified Yukon SUV would look like.

The Yukon is, of course, to the SUV twin of the Sierra pickup as the Ford Everest is to the Ranger ute.

2024 Gmc Yukon Ev Theottle 01 Rendering


Give form to thought, our wife Theo Throttle has released a pair of renders showing the potential GMC Yukon EV front and rear.

Sure, it looks like easy work putting a roof on a Sierra tub, but you should check out Theo’s video below to see just how much work went into his creation.

2024 Gmc Yukon Ev Theottle 02 Rendering


Will they build it?

The Yukon EV is expected to go into full production, and is expected to debut sometime in 2026, alongside a slew of new and updated GMC EVs (after a surprisingly quiet 2025).

The table below comes from AutoNews.com (paid access).

GMC’s Upcoming Electric Models (Source: AutoNews.com)
2022 year 2023 year 2024 year 2025 year 2026 year
GMC Sierra Freshen in 2022 GMC Sierra EV New for 2023 Redesign of GMC Terrain in 2024 GMC Yukon EV New for 2026
GMC Canyon redesign in 2023 GMC Yukon/Yukon XL Refresh in 2024 GMC Canyon EV New for 2026
GMC Hummer EV SUV New in 2023 GMC Acadia redesign in 2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV Updated in 2026
GMC Savana End in 2026
GMC Hummer EV SUT Update in 2026
GMC Savana EV New for 2026

VIDEO: Theo Yukon EV renders

The story is here

October 23, 2022: The GMC Sierra big truck takes a step toward electrification, debuting this week as the 2024 GMC Sierra EV.


  • 562 kW and 1063 Nm in “Maximum power” mode.
  • Acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 4.7 seconds
  • 800 V 350 kW charging, 650 km range

The new electric Sierra joins existing Hummer pickups and SUVs in General Motors’ lineup, all of which are built on the same Ultium platform.

General Motors has not specified the size of its battery, although it has confirmed an 800V electrical architecture that allows for fast charging of 350kW devices, although its actual peak charging speed has also not been confirmed. (800V models, such as the Hyundai Ioniq 5, will peak around 230kW.)

2024 Gmc Sierra Ev Denali Edition 1,101


The hero of this series is the Sierra EV Denali Edition 1, which GM estimates has a range of 400 miles with an output of 562 kW and 1063 Nm in “Maximum Power” mode.

GM says the Sierra EV’s battery pack can achieve 100 miles of range in 10 minutes of fast DC charging.

Of course, performance is a driving factor for many buyers, and GM claims a 0-100km/h time for its big new electric truck is around 4.7 seconds.

2024 Gmc Sierra Ev Denali Edition 1 111


Towing capacity is 4,310kg, although it is known that towing and heavy payloads can significantly reduce the range of an electric car.

“It’s the Denali of EVs — and the truck that’s GMC,” the company says. “That means it leaves nothing on the table when it comes to hauling, towing and overall capacity, while opening up even more possibilities for what a GMC pickup truck has to offer.”

Like the Ford F-150 Lightning, the Sierra EV has a huge “eTrunk” trunk that normally houses a truck’s engine.

2024 Gmc Sierra Ev Denali Edition 1 106


The Sierra EV also takes a leaf out of Hummer’s book with “CrabWalk,” a diagonal drive feature that turns the rear wheels in unison and at the same angle as the front wheels at low speeds, allowing the truck to move diagonally.

Other somewhat standard EV features include brake regeneration and one-pedal control. Bi-directional charging is also available, allowing the Sierra EV to work as a power source for tools or even the home if needed.

2024 Gmc Sierra Ev Denali Edition 1 104


Air Ride Adaptive Suspension will also be available, but will not be standard on all but the Denali.

The Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 will be the first variant to hit the market in early 2024, while the EV AT4 and EV Elevation versions will launch in the “2025 model year” — likely mid-to-late 2024.


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