Terrible developers: please let PT have its eternal rest | Biden News


Much like Dracula, horror gaming trends are repeatedly killed only to rise from their graves again and again. Zombies, ghosts, novelty jump scares, cooperative and competitive multiplayer—there isn’t a discarded subgenre corpse that can’t be resurrected by someone else.

“PT likes”—games similar to Konami’s beloved Kojima-helmed PlayStation 4 teaser, a demo that has existed as a lifeless corpse for longer than it ever lived—have relentlessly haunted PC gamers for years. Steam is littered with more games born from this unholy mold than anyone could possibly play. A frighteningly long list of results emerges after clicking the “first person” tag in the horror section, and so many of their screenshots show another torchlit walk around some vaguely realistic corridor while one strange monster casts an ominous shadow across an otherwise mundane room. They don’t all resemble PT, but far too many. Honestly, the scariest thing about most of these games is how similar they are to each other, and to a PlayStation 4 demo released eight years ago.


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