Kris Terzievski says Justis Huni ‘couldn’t crack an egg’ and demands fight, Paul Gallen, Australian heavyweight title, video, details | Biden News


First, he upset Paul Gallen for the Australian heavyweight title.

Now hulking Melbourne southpaw Kris Terzievski is looking for an opportunity to end the “red carpet treatment” given to superstar Justis Huni.

Among the fights in Australia, the unbeaten Huni will take on New Zealander Kiki Leutele in Brisbane on November 4.

However, the 32-year-old Terzievski insists he has a big challenge, saying the Queenslander who has been labeled as “problem with southpaws” and those who match his speed.

“And I’m as fast as Justis,” he told “I just have the best moves.”

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Kris Terzievski said
Kris Terzievski said the “red carpet treatment” given to Justis Huni must end. PHOTO: Matthew PoonSource: News Corp Australia

Terzievski also revealed that after beating Gallen, the NSW Origin great reached the point where he was left feeling worse than any other campaign in his career – including the Huni match a year ago.

“Because I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” said the Melburnian.

“The Gallen team, they handpicked me.

“They thought they were weak.

“But after our fight, Gal actually sent a message that he never felt like he did after our fight.

“I reached out to thank a tough guy, and he congratulated me on the win and said, ‘Man, I’ve never felt what I felt after fighting you.’

“So I am an unknown to Huni.

“Since he turned pro, he’s been given the red carpet treatment.

“But I had a hard way.”

Kris Terzievski shocked the Australian boxer by defeating Paul Gallen. Now he wants a piece of Justis Huni. Images: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Elsewhere, Terzievski questioned Huni’s authority.

“All the girls I talked to stopped Justis, they said lightning fast but they couldn’t crack an egg,” said the heavyweight.

“And obviously I can’t take that as gospel.

“I have to go in there and try for myself.

“But I know I can hit… and my hitting percentage is higher than his.

“I am also an unknown.

“Huni has never fought with anyone like me. Never fight a southpaw as a pro.

“And among the fans, in the World Cup, a southerner beat him.

“So I actually think he has a problem with southpaws.


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Justis Huni was very good for Joe Goodall, who struggled after a great position in Las Vegas. Images: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

“I also think he has a problem with guys who pride themselves on speed and movement like him.

“I felt as a fan, when he went up against the big heavyweights, he had the speed and movement to upset a lot of them.

“But when he came up against someone with such skill and speed, he struggled.

“And you saw my fight with Gal.

“I am a fighter and exerciser. A calculated war.

“I’m creating different problems for Justice.

“I’m the man to beat.”


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