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By Barry Holbrook: Conor Benn’s career may be on the ropes after his two positive tests for the PED clomiphene suspension.

The length of the ban for Benn, 26 years old, will make it difficult for him to get back to the pounds he wants. Plus, you have to believe that when Conor is cleared to fight, fans, fighters & promoters will want to test him every year to make sure he stays clean.

If Benn refuses to be tested, people will suspect that he is hiding something. There is a real possibility that Benn’s career could end as a major player in the sport, especially if he needs PEDs to compete at the highest level.

If Benn really did use drugs on purpose to improve, it could be difficult for him to bring his game to where it has been recently.

Some fans pointed out that Benn was a weak fighter who seemed to have gone nowhere with his career four years ago when he was living & dying with the famous Cedrick Peynaud.

Then suddenly, Benn blew everyone away and looked impressive as he defeated former world champion Chris Algieri and contenders Sebastian Formella, Adrian Granados, Samuel Vargas, and Chris Van Heerden.

Despite the tests, Benn (21-0, 14 KOs) still maintains his innocence, and his promoter Eddie Hearn believes that infection can occur with the test.

What is difficult for boxing fans to accept the contamination excuse is that there were two valid tests within months. It would be good for some people to be infected for one test but not for two different tests.

“Basically, he admitted this week that there were two good tests,” Gareth A Davies told talkSPORT Boxing about Conor Benn. “He alleges corruption in both the falsified tests.

“He was informed of the initial failure; he thought it was okay. He was given a second story. We entered the fight week [for Benn vs. Chris Eubank Jr]and was canceled 48 hours before the fight.

“It’s a bad situation; there is dishonesty. Prohibited substances include clomiphene, a female fertility drug, which is found in its formula. I have never known a case like this.

“We also found out that he has given up his boxing license, even though the misconduct charges against him have been accepted. Why can’t a promoter like Eddie Hearn cancel an event without the boxer saying so?

“This week, Hearn said he didn’t have the power to do that while Eubank was getting ready to fight. Where’s the moral compass here? The fight should have been pulled. Why do they think they can go ahead with the event after fall test?

“Benn could be very unlucky. There’s been talk of clomiphene in chicken eggs this week. There’s news in my opinion that the wrong test results can be disproved.

“In the case of Dillian Whyte, where he was disqualified on the day of the fight with Oscar Rivas two years ago, he set a precedent. Did Hearn send the commission based on this case?

“Will Benn play with a committee in another area? He said he wouldn’t. It’s all up in the air. He’s not stopped and he’s not stopped, and that’s the mess we find ourselves in.

“This week, we found out that he failed a test for the same thing in July before this,” said Spencer Oliver about 26-year-old Conor Benn.

“I don’t know how he will prove his innocence. He was neither suspended nor suspended simply because he decided to voluntarily surrender his license.

“It was a smart move by Conor because he would have been suspended because where we’re going now is going to go to court. The defense now, it’s not that Conor Benn has to prove his innocence, but they have to prove that he is guilty.

“He changes things a lot. What does that tell you? He doesn’t want to go sit in front of a screen. He doesn’t want to try to defend himself and fight his case. He wants to take it legally.

“He blames the boxing commission. Everyone seems to blame everyone else, but the truth is the truth. He failed two tests for the same performance-enhancing drug that produces testosterone.

“Whether it’s a mistake or not, whether it’s corrupted or not, it’s there. “It’s true,” Davies said of Benn’s two good tests.

“Both of them will get really rich from it, and I think that’s one of the reasons why they prefer wealth over health. You can never do that in our games.

“There was a test on September 1st, and the second one that tested positive was announced to all teams on September 23rd. It took until Thursday, October 5, not to answer the questions that Eddie Hearn and Kalle Sauerland answered in front of a large media meeting.

“To me, it leaves a gap where the integrity of the game is damaged as a business and its job of caring for fighters. For me, that they are allowing the system to be, say Eddie Hearn, allows the character and the quality of the sport to be normal, in my opinion, “said Davies.

“With what’s going on with Conor Benn with the fertility drugs in his system, this could be a huge disaster,” Oliver said. “Where is product B? How long does it take to get product B back? Will that answer all the questions we need answered? “

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