Cherry makes community change official with Cherry MX Ergo Clear | Biden News


Mechanical keyboards are a pretty big staple for computer gamers in this day and age. We can’t get enough of those sometimes very clicky keys with an action that just feels a lot more assured than non-mechanical variants. This is thanks to the switches that sit below the keys, which come in all different variants and brands. There isn’t really a bigger name when it comes specifically to key switches than Cherry MX, and the brands have just launched a new official community design switch.

The Cherry MX Ergo Clear (opens in a new tab) is a quiet switch that came about thanks to the DIY efforts of the community, and now it’s making its way to the official Cherry line. The Ergo Clear (opens in a new tab) first appeared in March 2011 when a user going by mtl showed off his mod on the Geekhack forums. (opens in a new tab).


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