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By Barry Holbrook: Gareth A Davies was pleased to learn today that Conor Benn surrendered his boxing license last Friday ahead of his meeting with the BBBofC.

Davies was also surprised that Benn’s promoter Eddie Hearn didn’t mention it when he was talking to him. Gareth thought that Hearn would tell him about it in “record time.”

Hearn said today that he believed there was a possibility of contamination from Benn’s drug test with VADA, which came back positive for the banned substance clomiphene.

Benn has not been suspended or suspended yet, but he could be soon once the investigation is complete.

“I suspect that there is a case going on against him to clear his name, and he has decided to remove himself from the suspension or suspension,” said Gareth A. Davies to iFL TV about Conor Benn surrendering his boxing license before his fight and BBBoF. Last Friday.

“So he gave up his original license, which was a reasonable thing to do until he had a chance to prove it. [he’s innocent]. They did not stop him or stop him, but they stated that he was accused of committing a crime.

“Of course, they accepted UKAD’s report that VADA had a negative finding on his body. So he is responsible for it any way you look at it. He is responsible for what is in his body.

“They haven’t gone for the B model yet in public. The biggest surprise for me was sitting with Eddie Hearn today from 20:00 to 12:00 until a quarter to one, where Eddie Hearn, and truly, believes that his fighter is innocent, and he feels that way. I hope Conor is innocent and clean, but Eddie didn’t mention to us once from the national press that Conor gave up his license.

“I found that it beggars belief, actually. Obviously, it’s up to the board to tell us that, but we got a lot of time from today’s record with Eddie, and I’m surprised he didn’t tell us.

“As I was writing my article on Eddie’s comments today about the delay and slowness of the board not contacting them from the Friday before the fight week until Tuesday or Wednesday when they pulled the fight while they were still in progress. and walking. by wanting to hear something in front of the board to try this online.

“I was surprised that he didn’t tell us today whether it was time to eat or when to sit in a private room on Baker Street. I was very surprised when this word came out, but there it is. Everything is in limbo.

“Eddie told us both on and off the record that you’re going to hear Conor’s voice. I totally agree with him. I sat in the room with him, Tony Sims, and Nigel, his father, where they told me very clearly that it was really he has no idea how this stuff got into his body.

“In many ways, I’m interested to see how the defense is going to be on this. We really like Conor Benn. Most people are when they meet him. He is a wonderful person. You want to believe he didn’t cheat. You really want to believe it, but who knows? Just Conor and the people who work with him.

“We know now, but today we don’t know that the license has been issued. The protection will be put in place, and it will take weeks for that to happen.

“UKAD will complete their review based on the VADA review of clomiphene, and the agency will put it before them again. They will decide on whether he gets the ban, or two months, four months, eight months, a year, two years.

“But I suspect if he can’t establish a valid reason why traces of clomiphene, picograms, small, small picograms were found in his system, then I suspect if there is no proper security and he has no reason.” except the chicken egg or whoever, they will prevent him from seeing me or stop him for a long time.

“Just like they did with Tyson Fury, who was out for almost two years, they’re going to bring back the suspension, and maybe we won’t see Conor in the ring for another year. That’s what I That’s what I think will happen.

“We won’t see him in the ring until this time next year. That’s my opinion on this, and I don’t think we’ll ever see a Benn vs. Eubank fight. It’s very interesting.

“Eddie said he was sorry about the 26 hours the board issued the announcement shortly after the morning of the fight week. Eddie explained why it took 27 hours.

“I specifically asked them, ‘Why didn’t you do anything for 26, 27 hours at that time,’ and he said, ‘Because we were investigating everything? Some people were saying we should keep fighting. It was not stopped. or stop it, but I have decided that we will not go with another agency, and we never will.’

“His words were, ‘We should have gone on November 3rd in Abu Dhabi with this fight.’ So they can move on, but it’s right for boxing. He said the board made the right decision, and he believes now the right decision has been made.

“Why did they take 27 hours? In those 27 hours, I think she was dragged through the mud. Whatever anyone says, legal or otherwise, once the board says the fight is canceled, I’m if they should say, we should just go with him.

“The board will not hear the case before Saturday, as they did with Dillian on the Saturday morning of the fight. This is different because it’s a UKAD test, so they can still do it.

But they have the necessary requirements to get UKAD to agree to check the VADA test to get this hearing. These things take time, unfortunately. What we have learned from this is, and Eddie agrees very well with this, if a party, not legally affiliated with UKAD, shows a negative investigation that needs to be passed directly.

“Direct action should be taken, and we don’t have this situation where boxing equipment is seen as people are shutting down. He said, ‘The last thing we want to do is sweep it under the carpet. Everyone felt bad about it.’

“These are his words. He was honest and open today, but I think Eddie has some regrets about what he did.

“They found out about the cancellation on Wednesday when they were on their way to practice. In my opinion, if I were the publicist, I would have released a statement there and then.

“I would have called the press corps and said, ‘Can we get the press corps on the phone? Let’s cancel the meeting now,’ because he wouldn’t have left anything scary about it.

“I don’t think Eddie is trying to do anything out of hand. I think he’s stretching the legitimacy of the situation, looking at the balance.

“In the future, I think the boxing administration needs to look at the way they conduct some tests because they know since September 23, and they should act quickly. There is no doubt about it. They should hurry.

“He also claimed, Eddie, that it was not his contractual right to cancel the competition because Chris Eubank Jr wanted to continue the competition. They had to wait for the board’s decision to cancel it,” said Davies.

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