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Claressa Shields is still only 27 years old yet her place in boxing history has been confirmed.

Ten years ago she was one of the first three women to win gold medals in boxing at the Olympics. At Rio 2016 Shields became the first American boxer to become a two-time Olympic champion.

She made a splash in the sport, winning multiple world titles, leading to her victory over Savannah Marshall at the O2 Arena in London to become the champion for the third time.

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Shields said she would welcome a rematch with Marshall in the United States after her decision

The Shield-Marshall battle was another triumphant moment. It headlined the history of all women’s boxing and drew more than two million viewers Sky Sports.

Shield, the winner, made history.

While emphasizing Muhammad Ali’s statement: ‘I am the greatest’, she declared herself as ‘GWOAT’ or the greatest woman of all time. With her track record of success, few can argue with that.

“I think I represent African-Americans everywhere I go,” Shields said. “Being on an all-female card was amazing, 20,000 fans all for us after all these years telling us, ‘Women don’t have boxing fans and women can’t sell out’, which I I already know it’s a lie. But we finally confirmed it and I’m the head of the bill, so I’m very happy about that.

“I’m the greatest woman of all time.”

The activist from Flint, Michigan is a follower. “I think representation is everything. I think if I have Claressa Shields to look at when I’m coming up I’ll definitely be better, I’ll definitely know the game and I won’t be working as hard as I’m working now,” she said.

“Right now I am creating a plan for many women on how to become a champion in the world, on how to attract the attention of the public, how to do the things I do.”

Her latest fight is the defining moment of her career. At Marshall she finally found her greatest rival.

The shields have a collection of compliments like no other

Marshall, who beat Shields in a 2012 amateur bout, remains the only opponent to have beaten Shields in a boxing match. As a professional, on the highest stage of all, the American woman took her revenge.

“I’ve always been recognized because I’ve always had the belt. Regardless of what people want to say, I’ve dominated all my matches to become world champion. It’s just because people look at the last 10 years like there. It’s black on my work, it doesn’t mean I did it,” said Shields.

“I think that everybody needs a dance partner, everybody needs a good fight and what it was like with Savannah Marshall. That just reinforced my GWOATness. It reinforced everything I’m saying is not a story and she won’t no. take me out, she’s not the best fighter and what happened 10 years ago is out of my control.”

The game was very interesting, and so was the entry of the Shield, she spent time dancing with the cheering fans, before she walked to the ring for the biggest fight of her life. This is a show of pure confidence.

“It’s a tough time to get out,” she said. “I was so isolated and focused on getting my hands on Savannah Marshall, I really didn’t care.

“I had to come out there and be me. This moment was about me. Yes, the greatest woman of all time can set her dance, come out dancing, step into the ring, still show grit, these skills, this toughness, success. I had to calm down, even though they were banging and stuff, they still enjoy dancing.

“I’m a hater like you all. I feel like everyone else. It’s fun. I just danced.”

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The Shields made a memorable entrance into the ring for her fight with Marshall

Marshall is strong, skilled and puts the Shields under pressure. But the American still rose this time.

“Some rounds were challenging because of her size. She changed the game, she started trying to lay on me and she was bad. That’s when I changed my game,” said Shields.

“Even when Marshall was trying to move, I kept landing big shots, digging into her body.

“I’m taking her back, I’ve got her on the ropes and when you’re against a shooter like that, I’m not going to do that, but if Marshall hits me with one shot, I come back and hit her with two or three. .”

It looks like the Shields will continue to go from strength to strength in her career. Women’s boxing will also be a different sport than it was 10 years ago.

Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall made history
Shields and Marshall made history

Women’s boxing can be with men’s boxing, it is not a problem, but if you put good female fighters on the card you will get good results, if you put a female fighter as the main event. on the men’s card, it will help to develop women’s boxing, I just want every network to include only women and let us know that some of us deserve the main event, especially when it comes to these big places, because we have fans. and they are ready to spend their money to come and see us,” she said.

“I feel that women’s boxing will not die again. I think that where we are now, we will continue to build.”

The Shield chapter in this story is confirmed.

“I take the best challenges,” she said. “I’ve lost weight and gained weight, I’m really tired of the many fights I have with these girls and if their history is not long, I always fight less girls than all the girls. I’ve been competing in these world championships, and I’m not very strong and I’m not very skilled, but I was able to go in there and beat them.

“I am the most dominant, I am the greatest woman of all time.”


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