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On Friday, October 28, in the Pala Atlantico Venue of Rome, Guido “The Gladiator” Vianello (9-0-1, 9KO) will fight his first professional fight in Italy, on the show with the promoter He designed it, Top. Rank, with the main Italian boxing promoters, OPI Since 82 of the Cherchi family.

Vianello will fight in his hometown against Scotsman Jay McFarlane (13-6-0, 5KO) for an eight-round international fight.

Vianello has hope with a solid foundation: he made his professional debut in the temple of boxing, New York’s Madison Square Garden, in the Lomachenko vs Pedraza card. For the first four fights he trained under the strict regime of Abel Sanchez, the historical trainer of Gennadiy Golovkin. He attended three training camps with WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Now, after four years in America, he is ready to bring everything he has learned back to Italy.

How are you Guido? How is training camp going?

“I’m fine. I’ve been in London for a few weeks to complete the preparations for the fight with McFarlane. He’s not a famous fighter, and he doesn’t have a strong personality, but I’m training like he’s a world champion. I could be in Rome, but in for the last four years I have always trained from home, splitting the camp between Great Britain and America. Boxing outside your comfort zone is important. All Italian fighters should try to do that.”

What differences do you find between having a camp in Italy and training in the US or the UK?

“Generally speaking, my weight is not good in terms of ability in Italy, so I can’t hide the names I can get abroad. But mostly it’s the mental part. I mean, I can work in Italy as I am done in America, squats and biceps curls are the same all over the world. The thing is when you train abroad you face real boxers, who have a real professional attitude to the sport. It’s a mindset, a situation think: every fighter here in the UK or in America is hungry to win.”

What interested you in this professional fight in Italy?

“It’s amazing. Thanks to Top Rank I’m used to big scenes. I debuted at MSG, I fought at MGM, T-Mobile. These places feel like home and it is very important to understand that feeling. Now it’s the other way around: I have to break the ice with Italy as a professional boxer. It will be different than usual. But again, I will have my people support me. It increases energy in a different way. I’m so excited to show off all the progress I’ve made while finally living in Italy. I am happy and relaxed”.

Do you know McFarlane? Have you watched any of his fights and what do you think of them?

“He is a fighter who is unhappy, who brings a lot of professionals and tries to push you, so we train you with scorbutic partners that sometimes, instead of boxing, you just go to fight. I saw some highlights and it has some weaknesses but also some highlights”

You have an almost-perfect OR percentage. But you are also fast and explosive. Is it something you work on regularly or is it something you have in your genes?

“In my family, we live for sports, all sports, so I played different sports. I am a tennis player, so I know how to move my legs. I have always been fast, but I decided to focus on this specific skill after sparring and training with Tyson Fury. He is the best and he succeeds skillfully and quickly. Usyk also works like him. Nowadays, the most important factor in weight distribution is not strength but speed. I usually carry heavy weights in the first few weeks of the camp, then reduce the weights to focus on pure boxing, kicking and sparring and movement. At heavyweight, it is important to avoid daily hits and useless punches, you have to defend yourself.

You said in 2023 you want to upgrade. Does that mean a 10 round fight or a title fight?

“I’m preparing with a specific goal in mind: to reach the big title. All the training camps, all the money I earn, all the investments I make are building my way to the world title. You have to travel, get experience all over the world, get an interesting training if you want to compete at the international level. I want to reach the best possible result: it’s all I can do.


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