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As part of Best of 2022, we invite you to help us in the nomination phase by writing down your top picks in some select music categories. The top 5 in each artist category are now nominated for the Music Awards 2022. The Music Awards ballot will be live Monday, October 10 through November 20, on Then, stay tuned for details about the festival (#MAF22) and the awards ceremony.

rock artist

Readers’ Top 5:

Celestial L’Amour • Jaybirds • Novakain • Royal Sons • Uncle Toasty


Readers’ Top 5:

Sammy Kidd, Mean Motor Scooters • Celestial L’Amour • Blake Parrish, Royal Sons • Nick Title, Arenda Light • JP Walsh, Jaybirds

the guitarist

Readers’ Top 5:

Rowdy Carter, Arenda Light • Kyle Cain, Novocaine • Sammy Kidd, Uncle Toasty • Darin Kobetich • Matt Tedder

Rap/R&B artist

Readers’ Top 5:

88 Killa • Lil Sick • Lou Charle$ • Sagemode Wrex • YMG Yolo

the drummer

Readers’ Top 5:

John Berruter, Novocaine • Jeffrey Chase Friedman, Mean Motor Scooter • Matt Mabe, Arenda Light • Conor Mullen, Jaybirds • Mike Sardell, Uncle Toasty

Artist of the country

Readers’ Top 5:

Summer Dean • Jesse Jennings • Cody Jinks • Joe Savage • Squeezebox Bandit


Readers’ Top 5:

DJ CV Fields (Connor Fields) • DJ Database • DJ Dogstyle (Michael Sherman) • DJ Reckless1 (Ross Cardona) • DJ Technique (Ryan Cerda)

folk artist

Readers’ Top 5:

Jacob Fuhr • Charles Gaby • Mandy Hand • Keegan McEnroe Cameron Smith


Readers’ Top 5:

Josh Brantley, Jaybirds • Panda Cuenca, Phantomelo • Dylan Kain, Novakain • Dustin Schneider, Spectacle; Uncle Toasty • Joe Tacke, means motor scooter

blues artist

Readers’ Top 5:

James Hinkle • JZ and Dirty Pool • Michael Lee • Holland K. Smith • Buddy Whittington


Readers’ Top 5:

Rick Fulton, Cortez • Steve Hammond, Chet Stevens Band • Justin Pett, JZ & Dirty Pool • Chris Watson, Retrophonics • Eric Webb, Cut Throat Finches

music lesson

Readers’ Top 5:

Arlington School of Music • Fort Worth Music Academy • Ketos Creative • Music Junkie Studios • School of Rock

Music Store

Readers’ Top 4:

Competition Music • Lambs Music • Music Go Round • Zoo Music

Open-mic night

Readers’ Top 5:

Black Dog Jam, Scat Jazz Lounge • Blues Jam w/Playtown, Lola’s Fort Worth • Lazy Daisy Coffee Bar • McFly’s Pub • Pinky’s Champagne Room & Velvet Jazz Lounge

Shraddha artist

Readers’ Top 5:

Ashmore • Chasing Rent • The Dick Beldings • Poo Live Crew • Rise Against The Machine


Readers’ Top 5:

“Far From Dead,” Arenda Light • “Butcher of Burundi,” Uncle Toasty • “Honey Bee,” Jaybirds • “I Don’t Care,” Novakine • “Shark Attack,” Fantomello


Readers’ Top 5:

Let it breakJaybirds • Oh no! unknownNovocaine • pipeline• Cooling jacket Praise and warshipsRoyal Sons • Uncle ToastyUncle Toasty

the venue

Readers’ Top 5:

Billy Bob’s Texas • Lola’s Fort Worth • Magnolia Motor Lounge • River East Post • Tulips FTW

To read about the winners, visit articles in the Best of Getting & Spending, People & Places, Arts & Culture, Night & Day, Good Grab and On the Town sections on To view the Best of 2022 special edition in a flipbook, page-by-page format, click here.


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