Modern Warfare 2’s new map arrives with giant invisible walls | Biden News

[ad_1] Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 just received the Shoothouse map as part of its first major update and… oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Players encountered a bug in the new edition, which lest we forget, is actually a re-release of an older map, which means there are giant invisible walls across parts … Read more

Modern Warfare 2 and Overwatch 2 drop prepaid phone restrictions | Biden News

[ad_1] Activision has eliminated the prepaid cell phone restrictions for’s 2FA system, meaning that anyone with a cell phone—no matter what kind—will be able to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Overwatch 2. Activision and Blizzard attacked the 2FA system, called SMS Protect (opens in a new tab)in October—not because of the … Read more

Modern Warfare 2 PC Nvidia download should stop crashes | Biden News

[ad_1] Since it launched the Modern Warfare 2 PC version has been plagued by glitches and crashes with a specific Nvidia graphics driver. Now the FPS game is coming to the launch of season 1, with supporting studio Beenox announcing that there is now an updated driver for PC Modern Warfare 2 that should improve … Read more

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 PC performance issues addressed in latest Nvidia driver update | Biden News

[ad_1] After a rocky start on the PC platform, Modern Warfare 2 players can expect a better experience. Earlier this month, a driver update from Nvidia introduced unintended effects that caused crashes and poor performance in the game. The only solution at the time was to revert to driver versions 516.59, or 522.25. However, Nvidia … Read more

Modern Warfare 2 players should update their Nvidia drivers now | Biden News

[ad_1] Nvidia has released a new Game Ready Driver (opens in a new tab) this highlights some essential features in Modern Warfare 2 addressing issues presented in the last driver. We previously reported on these issues with driver 526.47 (opens in a new tab)⁠—the update introduced stability issues in Modern Warfare 2, as well as … Read more

Modern Warfare 2’s Ground War mode draws attention to Battlefield | Biden News

[ad_1] I wasn’t always just a battlefield guy—I also love a good scramble, 6v6 Call of Duty match, but a cerebral palsy diagnosis in college put me on the back burner, leaving my days of chasing weed-themed business cards and gold skins in the dust. I lingered and languished in DICE’s digital warzones, a walking … Read more

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (campaign) review for PC, PlayStation, Xbox | Biden News

[ad_1] Platform: a computerAlso On: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series XPublisher: ActivisionDeveloper: Infinity WardAverage: Disc/DigitalPlayers: 1Online: YesESRB: M As someone who has been playing Call of Duty since the original Modern Warfare trilogy, it has been quite a ride to watch the way this series has evolved over time. Characters in the stories that … Read more