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Tue, 23/08/2022 – 12:32 | By: Van Arnold

The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) has received the No. 8 for Best Online MBA Programs in the South by online resource guide Fortune Education. No other Mississippi college or university is in the top 30.

The Top-10 ranking marks a significant jump for USM, which was ranked 19th last year. Dr Steven Stelk, MBA Director and Teaching Assistant Professor of Finance at USM, noted that faculty and leaders within the College of Business and Economic Development recognized several years ago the value of online delivery for students.

“The MBA was first available online in 2015, and our faculty has continued to improve the program since its inception,” says Stelk. “As a faculty member, I am grateful for the training and support we have received in developing online courses at the College of Business and Economic Development, the Office of Online Learning, and the Faculty Development Center. The knowledge and support we receive helps improve the quality of the program, which has continued to improve our rankings over the past two years and help attract more students.”

As the Fall 2022 semester progresses, approximately 160 students are actively enrolled in USM’s online MBA program.

The standard entrance exams (GMAT and GRE) are waived indefinitely for all applicants to the USM MBA program. Three letters of recommendation are required. Last year’s upcoming online MBA students had an average undergraduate GPA of 3.5 and an average of over 13 years of work experience. Students must complete 33 credits to graduate.

“All the recent rankings for our graduate program are worth celebrating. This one is a little special because it highlights our position with MBA programs from other Southern Universities,” said Dr. Jamye Foster, Director, School of Marketing. “At USM, we try to take advantage of southern hospitality as we work to build genuine relationships with our students — including our online students only. When we are more connected, we are better able to ensure our programs meet student needs and adapt as needed. I like to think this ranking shows that the approach is working.”

To determine the ranking Property Education invites more than 200 online MBA programs to participate. In all, 104 programs completed the questionnaire. That information, along with data collected from companies and executives, is used as the core of each rating. The final rating consists of four components: Program Score, Property 1000 Scores, Brand Scores and Prestige Scores.

As Stelk points out, the USM online MBA is a well-established program designed and delivered by experienced faculty trained in online curriculum development.

“We are engaging with stakeholders who are helping us identify the valuable skills needed that we can incorporate into this program,” Stelk said. “We are committed to offering flexible and affordable programs that help graduates increase the value they bring to their professional and personal communities.”

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