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Starting with T6 Ford Ranger made its international debut back in 2011. The model went from strength to strength, eventually culminating in a popular return to the North American market.

After its introduction, the model began to show its age and since then sales have been average. But for the 2023 model year, everyone will get an all-new international version. The main issue was powertrain options and the lack of an international Raptor model, as Ford was reluctant to develop a high-performance gas variant for the T6/T7 platform.

The previous Ranger was already very good, if a bit weak, but the latest Ranger promises to be a huge step forward for the brand.

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10/10 Information and entertainment system

Infotainment screens (otherwise known as infotainment) in cars are getting bigger and bigger, and the Ranger is no exception.

In addition to the huge central screen, it gets a fully digital instrument panel. It’s all very modern, but where we think they get a little carried away is the electronic gear shifter and electronic parking brake, neither of which are ideal for a vehicle that’s meant to be more “rugged”.

9/10 Terrain modes

It seems that the 2023 Ford Ranger has too many terrain modes: three for on-road and four for off-road. It all seems a bit redundant, and we doubt most users will really feel the difference between each one. The three modes usually cover all the bases, both on and off road.

The flip side of this is that you’ll almost certainly be able to find a mode that you personally like, and will likely default to it depending on the weather or road surface, making it easier to adapt the car to your specific needs. Be careful for those of us who like to tinker.

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8/10 New interior

If you get into one of the new Rangers, the first thing you’ll notice is how much more refined it is inside.

As a pickup truck, the outgoing Ranger wasn’t terrible. However, the new entry-level Ranger now comes with a host of features as standard, and the redesigned design also offers incomparably better visibility.

7/10 Updated design

The Ranger’s styling is now more or less in line with all other US-made Ford pickups, with trademark C-clamp LED headlights and a more boxy body.

The new design philosophy makes a lot more sense now that the Ranger lineup is on sale in North America, and it’s no longer just a specific move, but a full commitment to making the latest Ranger a truly global platform.

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6/10 Improved utility

The updated bed has a larger configuration, has a flexible cargo distribution system and a convenient footrest integrated into the bed/rear bumper to facilitate access to the cargo body (something previously left to the aftermarket).

Although this will primarily be marketed as a recreational vehicle, people will want to make the most of the extra space in the back, and it’s good to see that Ford has put more effort into this often-forgotten space.

5/10 Listening to customers

It is clear that Ford took customer feedback into account when developing this new model. Thus, he gave the market what it wanted.

Pickup trucks have been taking the world by storm lately, and mid-size pickups are especially good for one-car families who want a little more luxury for the weekend and extra luggage space during the work week.

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4/10 Exceptional versatility

Most pickup trucks today offer a lot of versatility, but the fact that Ford really listened to their customers in many ways proves that they are one step ahead of the competition at this point.

Little things like adding power outlets to the bed make a huge difference to buyers in this market.

3/10 Practical

Frankly, nothing is as practical as a midsize pickup truck, though it is inherently compromised in some areas that all cars are.

It just does everything very, very well and still delivers exceptional fuel efficiency, whether you’re cruising through the urban jungle or on a literal adventure.

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2/10 New engines

One of the main features of the latest Ranger is the use of a V6 turbo gas engine and a V6 diesel engine.

So it’s almost certain that the North American market will get a diesel variant for the first time, the same Power Stroke you’ll find in the F150, which delivers 440 lb-ft of torque, already finds a home in the international engine bay. .

1/10 New Raptor

One option that will definitely make it to North America is the much-hyped new Ranger Raptor, which will use the same gasoline V6 you’ll find in the new Bronco, and it’ll make around 400 horsepower (tuners can easily unlock a lot more power if they they want it).

Not only will it blow the competition out of the water, but it’ll likely put it up against all the other full-size pickups as well.


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