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The Indian School of Business (ISB) has been ranked as the best college to study MBA in India, according to the FT Ranking 2022. A total of four Indian institutes have made it to the list of the best 100 B schools worldwide. This includes the prestigious IIMS. IIM-Bangalore has been ranked second among Indian universities. Globally, the University of Pennsylvania has reached the top of the rankings this year. Last year’s best college, France’s Insead has reached third place this year in the FT Ranking.

India in 2021 as many as five universities in the top 100. However this year, only four colleges can pass through IIM-Indore which is ranked 94th in 2021 having dropped from the list of top 100 MBA colleges in India. The remaining four went on to become ISBs, and IIMs in Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Calcutta. While ISB has maintained its position as India’s top-ranked B school, it has dropped from its 23rd best college position in 2021 to 32nd this year.

FT MBA Ranking 2022: Best Indian Colleges

Rank 32: Indian Business School

53rd Rank: IIM Bangalore

Rank 62: IIM Ahmedabadi

Rank 68: IIM Calcutta

FT MBA Ranking 2022: Best MBA Colleges in the World

Rank 1: University of Pennsylvania: Wharton

Rank 2: Columbia Business School

Rank 3: Insead

Rank 4: Harvard Business School

Rank 5: Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management

Rank 6: Graduate School of Business Standard

Rank 7: University of Chicago: Bootho

Rank 8: London Business School

Rank 9: Yale . School of Management

Rank 10: Iese Business School

Most of the best MBA colleges among the top 100 are from the United States. The high salary that the American form offers to new MBA graduates is one of the main reasons behind the dominance of the United States. Salary is one of the many factors by which universities and colleges are rated worldwide by the FT Ranking. The ranking has 20 criteria including alumni career advancement, school diversity, and research, etc. A total of 151 schools took part in the 2022 edition.

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