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An integrated MBA program, IPM (Integrated Program in Management) is the most sought after program among grade 12 students. The HDI is a 5-year program combining undergraduate and postgraduate (MBA) studies. It is offered in different combinations which include BBA + MBA, BBM + MBA, and BMS + MBA to prepare candidates for managerial jobs and enhance their career opportunities in various fields. Recently, IIFT has launched an Integrated Program in Management program.

Why Pursue HDI from Top B-Schools?

This five-year integrated program stimulates students’ managerial skills.

  • In the Integrated program, students do not need to take the entrance exam twice (at the UG and PG levels), thus saving a prospective student one year of preparation for the entrance exam.

  • Many HDI programs offer foreign exchange opportunities ranging from 3 to 5 months. Exchange universities are located in parts of Taiwan, Europe and Brazil.

  • Management courses equip students with tools and techniques used strategically to improve business performance

  • This course provides a solid foundation in psychology, management, law and philosophy for the overall development of students.

  • It develops a holistic approach to improve logical decision making and innovation.

  • It HDI course increasing opportunities for students to gain practical exposure as part of summer internships and hands-on projects.

HDI Admission and Application Deadline

Basic Eligibility Criteria for Admission to IIM and NMIM

In order to enroll in the HDI program, candidates must pass the Class 12 exam. After this, they must complete the relevant entrance based exam or merit score as required by the college. A list of achievements will be prepared based on the student’s academic profile and their entry grades.

Many colleges including IIFT, IIM Ranchi, and Nirma University also accept IPMAT scores. This is the entrance exam for admission to the 5-year Integrated Management Program at IIM Indore.

IIM Jammu and IIM Bodh Gaya offer admission to the IPM program on a JIPMAT basis. The Joint Integrated Program in Management Entrance Test is conducted by the National Examination Board (NTA) based on the Class 12 curriculum.

NMIMS Mumbai offer admission to their HDI program based on scores in the National Test for After Twelfth Programs (NPAT).

HDI Course Structure

The first three years of the course generally focus on building a student’s management foundation. The core fundamentals taught include subjects such as Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, along with other subjects such as Political Science, Psychology, Literature, Languages, Sociology, Humanities, and Fine Arts. Students are taught skills that will help them achieve positions of responsibility..

The final two years of the course are primarily focused on training students with core management skills. Core subjects include Finance, Communication, Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Strategy, International Trade, Quantitative Engineering, Information Systems, Operations Management, Operational Behavior and Human Resources (HR).

Best Colleges offering HDI Courses in India

Apart from IIM and IIFT, there are other colleges offering IPM Courses which are mentioned in the table below:

How do I apply for an HDI course?

The mode of admission for HDI courses varies according to the particular college applied to.

  • Program candidates can check the exam requirements for a detailed admissions process or selection procedure.

  • Some colleges offer admission based on the percentage earned in Grade 12 while others are based on ranking in the entrance exam.

  • Applications for courses can be filled out online on the website of the college being applied for.

  • After completing exams or merit criteria, one needs to show up for a personal interview with the admissions team who will ultimately decide on the selection of candidates.

IPM Placement Trends – IIM Indore

The highest package offered in IIM Indore in 2022 placement drive for HDI program reached Rs 49 lakh. With a 100% placement rate, the average package (Rs. 25.01 lakh) offered has increased by 6 percent compared to last year. Candidates are placed in various domains including finance, HR, Analytics, IT, management, sales and marketing

HDI Course – Career Prospects

As HDI graduates are skilled in various sectors such as sales and marketing, HR, finance, accounting and retail, this enhances their job prospects. HDI courses prepare students for managerial positions and job roles such as:

  • Management consultant

  • Digital Marketing Manager

  • HR Manager

  • Retail manager

  • Head of Business

  • Sales manager

Beginner entrepreneurs can also benefit from this program as it helps them understand how a business works and its management. The average package offered to IPM graduates starts at INR 18 Lacs.

HDI courses include a variety of hands-on projects, case studies, and internship opportunities. This allows students to gain exposure and explore different areas of management. Students are able to develop managerial and leadership skills that lead to their holistic growth and offer thriving career opportunities.

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