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The Steam Hardware and Software Survey for September 2022 is out, and it suggests that a growing number of Steam gamers are using Windows 11. Although Microsoft hasn’t released official numbers, the Steam survey seems to match recent reports of positive adoption. of Microsoft’s latest OS in the second and third quarters of 2022.

Valve’s data shows that nearly one in four PCs playing games on Steam are now running Windows 11, hitting 24.84% of all Steam users. This is up 1.06% over last month, so it has been a slow but steady rise to get to this point.

The Steam Survey for September, listing different operating systems.

This number is particularly interesting given the stricter system upgrade requirements of Windows 11, in addition to a huge gaming problem in the 22H2 update that affected Nvidia cards.

After the update, users reported performance issues like stuttering and frame drops, among others. Nvidia quickly issued a solution in the form of a software update. This jump in Windows 11 upgraders from Windows 10 refers to the growing confidence of consumers buying newer computers with Windows 11. Another reason could be the hesitation in upgrading to Windows 11 has decreased since Microsoft canceled the 22H2 bugs.

Also encouraging to see is the slow growth of Nvidia Ampere graphics cards, especially the RTX 3060. It’s another sign that supply and demand are steadily growing, while prices are normalizing as the year comes to an end. However, the readily available and cheaper GTX 10 series is still among the top five favorite gaming cards among Steam users.

In terms of market share, AMD’s number remained relatively stable, while Nvidia jumped from an already strong 67% reported in June to an astounding 77%.

Finally, on the CPU front, the data shows that AMD’s market share took a 2.5% hit from its peak in July, while Intel CPU numbers continue to hold steady, with more six and eight cores sold in September than anything else another

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