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The HP Omen 40L gaming desktop against a white background.

HP has done a great job with its gaming desktops and laptops under the Omen brand. Take the Omen 40L, for example – a higher-end gaming PC that’s slightly less powerful than its 45L sibling, which is featured in our list of best gaming desktops. Even better, HP is currently having a sale on the 40L, and you can pick it up for just $1,650, a full $500 cheaper than its normal price of $2,150.

Why you should buy the HP Omen 40L Gaming Desktop

Right off the bat, the HP Omen 40L has excellent gaming performance thanks to the included Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics card, one of the best GPUs out there today. You’ll easily manage to push 2K at 144Hz with the RTX 3070, which is generally the sweet spot for most games for 27-inch screens and smaller, and since you’re not hitting 4K, you can get relatively budget-priced gaming. monitor offers, which is a huge plus. The Omen 40L also comes with one of the latest CPUs, a 12th-gen Intel i7-12700K, which is unlocked, which means there’s the potential for overclocking, in addition to the fact that it’s already really fast out of the box . You will get silky smooth OS and productivity experience, and you can even stream to Twitch or YouTube without too much impact on resources.

This setup also comes with two 8GB sticks of HyperX RAM, and since it’s running in dual channel, you’ll get nice performance, though you could potentially do an upgrade down the line. Speaking of upgrades, you get an 800W 80Plus Gold PSU, so this PC has some room to grow, including possibly an RTX 3080 Ti graphics card. You could also add more storage, although the system already comes with a 512GB SSD and 1TB HDD, so you’re not likely to run out too quickly.

Overall, the HP Omen 40L Gaming Desktop is surprisingly robust, given the discounted price of $1,650, especially since the RTX 3070 alone can cost around $550, so the value is through the roof. That said, if you want a few more options, there are some other great gaming PC deals for you to check out.

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