The Steam version of Dwarf Fortress finally has a release date | Biden News


Dwarf Fortress will probably never be done with its quest to simulate (almost) all of existence (opens in a new tab)but it is to be completed with a major milestone: launch on Steam. The graphical version of the deepest simulation of the PC is released on Steam on December 6 (opens in a new tab)complete with beautiful witty art that we’ve watched progress over the past two years, a completely reworked user interface, and beautiful acoustic music.

This release will include the main Fortress mode, where you grow and manage a community of dwarves and try to survive vicious elf attacks and underground water flows, as well as the Legends mode, which essentially generates an entire world and story for you to peruse. The launch of Steam will be no includes an Adventure mode, however, which is a kind of roguelike D&D that puts you in control of individual adventurers instead of managing a colony simulation.


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