The PC’s most notoriously complex game is getting a tutorial after 16 years | Biden News


It was gratifying to watch the graphical version of Dwarf Fortress inch towards release. Things that we would assume in most games are little thrills for Dwarf Fortress players: things like nice pixel art and mouse support and tabs will all make the game easier to play and analyze than its old keyboard-only ASCII interface. Now, wonder of wonders, one of the scariest PC games ever made is getting a tutorial. What wild idea will they think of next?

“Dwarf Fortress has the well-deserved title of being one of the most excruciating games to learn,” wrote co-creator Zach Adams in the latest Steam update. “There’s a lot going on, even after we changed all the ridiculous keyboard commands and replaced the Matrix-like interface with some understandable, and awesome, pixel art. It still needs something. Something to ease the need to go straight to the wiki. just to understand what happens. The answer is the tutorial of course.”


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