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After years of wondering and waiting, Persona 5 Royal has finally come to PC, letting fans of the JRPG franchise experience the newest entry in the long-running series. Early figures seem to spell success for Persona 5 as the game has more than surpassed its predecessor Persona 4 Golden by being 3x more expensive.

Following its release on 21st October, Persona 5 Royal has seen die-hard fans flock to the game, sinking their teeth into the 100+ hour long campaign. Sunday saw the game hit its current concurrent user peak of 35,474 players.

For context, Persona 4 Golden managed to collect 29,984 concurrent players after its PC launch in mid-2020. While not too far behind Persona 5 Royal in that regard, it’s worth noting that Persona 5 is three times the price of P4G, launching at $60 compared to Persona 4 Golden’s $20.

In addition, Persona 5 launched simultaneously on Xbox Game Pass for PC, meaning there were more ways to play it besides on Steam, and as such, total concurrent users across services were likely much higher.

Regardless, Persona 5 Royal looks set for success, especially when you consider the fact that Persona 4 Golden ended up selling over 1 million copies on PC during its first year on the platform. It will be interesting to see how much bigger Persona 5 Royal ends up over Golden.

KitGuru says: Are you surprised by the success of Persona 5? Have you played it? How many copies do you think it will sell on PC? Let us know below.

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