Someone turned their old DVD discs into a creepy laser scanning microscope | Biden News


Living in the future, if one thing is clear, it’s that digital media is king. In the gaming world, it is becoming much more common to buy games digitally than to buy physical copies. This has been true in PC gaming for years with the success of Steam, like shared SSDs. (opens in a new tab), and new consoles now releasing without disc drives. While some companies are seeing an increase in optical disc sales (opens in a new tab)generally the days of the DVD disc are well and truly over—but what to do with those leftover discs?

DVD discs in particular aren’t much use to anyone. Streaming services will often offer better quality versions of the same movies in digital format. Plus, if you’re a big physical media person, you’ve probably upgraded to Bluray or gone a completely different direction with your VHS collection. So it’s time to ditch those DVD players in favor of something actually useful, like a laser scanning microscope.


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