Redux Good level gaming PC review | Biden News


You did it. You put some money aside for a new gaming PC but then realized you didn’t know where to start. You kind of have an idea of ​​what you want, but the thought of hunting down parts and building a computer stresses you out. This is where Redux hopes to step in by making you a PC based on what you’ll be playing and not paying a premium for parts and labor.

Redux delivered one of its “Good” models for review, which is priced at $1,415, placing it at the higher end of their budget tier of PCs, with an Intel Core i5 12400F and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 powering all the fun. If you’re looking for a solid 1080p gaming machine, Redux’s High-end PC is a good place to start.

The Redux website has you choose from different base types: Good, Better and Best, with three different price points. That way, if you’re going in on a budget, you can choose your path right away. Next, Redux makes you choose your top three games from a list of popular PC games and your ideal resolution to play those games. It generates a build list with components that fit criteria (which you can edit), and you’re good to go.


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