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2023 2024 ford ranger prototype colorado tacoma
image: Randall B.

Could this be the next-generation US-spec Ford Ranger prototype that was recently spotted testing in the mountains of Colorado? Let’s take a closer look.

Big thanks to Randall B. who sent us these images he took near Dillon, Colorado.

The global version of the next Ford Ranger (aka 2023 Ranger) has already officially debuted in November 2021. The North American version of the truck that will be sold in the United States has not yet been revealed. We expect the US version to look very similar to the one in our video below. However, our version of the Ranger will likely use a separate steel front bumper (just like the current US Ford Ranger).

If you look closely, the rear bumper on this prototype appears to be US-ready, but the front panel still looks like a plastic or composite bumper cover. The steering wheel is on the left, and the rest of the exterior of this prototype appears to be production ready.

We still have no official word from Ford on when the next-generation Ford Ranger will debut in the United States. We expect this to be closer to the end of this calendar year, but actuals can always vary. The 2023 Toyota Tacoma will remain largely unchanged or redesigned for next year. This could prompt Ford to delay a major redesign of the Ford Ranger in the US for a while.

GMC is expected to introduce its all-new GMC Canyon AT4X later this year. The redesigned Chevy Colorado might not be too far behind. Regardless, the midsize pickup segment is still full of action, although current sales of most models are down due to shortages or factory capacity constraints.

Ford builds the new 2-door and 4-door Ford Broncos at the same plant in Wayne, Michigan that also makes the Ford Ranger. Ford is struggling to accommodate many outstanding Bronco reservations, so the Ranger may not be the highest priority. This is my assessment, not an official statement from Ford.


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