Razer’s new Edge gaming streaming portable will start at $400 USD | Biden News


Razer recently showed off some of its hottest technology at its own RazerCon 2022 event. There was a lot of talk about upcoming Razer products and partnerships at this green energy-powered con, but one was a little different from what we expect to see from the brand . Among a host of headsets and the like, we took a closer look at the Razer Edge, a dedicated 5G gaming device. (opens in a new tab).

The new Razer Edge (opens in a new tab) looks a lot like many of the Switch-style machines (opens in a new tab) we start to see a pop up. This year we’ve seen portable PC gaming take off with hybrid consoles like the Steam Deck (opens in a new tab) receiving great praise. All kinds of competitors are coming to take a piece of that portable PC console pie, with high-end promises like OneXPlayer’s new AMD 6800-powered machine. (opens in a new tab) — but Razer is doing something a little different with the Edge.


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