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HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop on a desk with two screens nearby showing games and a keyboard and headset on the side.

Figuring out how to build a PC from scratch can be daunting, which is why we appreciate pre-built PCs like this HP Pavilion Gaming PC. Not only does it have some impressive specs under the hood with a great brand name, similar to the Asus RoG, but it also comes with a reasonable price tag, especially with this Walmart deal bringing it down to $449 – a $190 discount on its. regular price of $639.

Why you should buy the HP Pavilion Gaming PC

In terms of GPU, this HP Pavilion Gaming PC comes with an AMD Radeon RX 5500, roughly equivalent to a GTX 1660. If you know that, then you know it’s not that powerful, but it can run some of them. the more popular online games, such as Fortnite, Rocket League, CS: GO, etc. In fact, you can probably pair it with one of these gaming monitor offerings that run at 1080p and 144Hz refresh rate, though it might struggle at higher graphics settings. Luckily you also get the AMD Ryzen 5600G CPU, which is moderately powerful and great whether you’re gaming or doing some productivity or editing; moreover, this AMD-AMD lineup means that the overall price can be kept relatively low, so we are happy.

As for RAM, you get 8GB of DDR4, which is on the low end, but is relatively easy to upgrade on a desktop PC. Storage might also be something you want to upgrade, as you only get a 256GB SSD, and some of that is already eaten up by the Windows OS, so unless you only play two or three games, you might start to run into problems. You also get a keyboard and mouse thrown in, though you might want to check out these wireless mouse deals if you want to be a little more competitive online.

The HP Pavilion Gaming PC sits in an interesting spot because it’s not that powerful to play the most modern games, but it’s a good enough platform to play freely and expand in the future. Its most significant selling point, however, is the incredibly cheap $449 you get from Walmart, although if you want something more powerful, we suggest looking at these gaming PC deals for some alternatives.

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