Huge Terraria update adds new “legendary” difficulty, hundreds of content and QoL changes | Biden News


The developers of Terraria stopped talking about any update is final: as it turns out, even after more than 11 years, they still have more ideas for the artistic survival game. The new Labor of Love update, the follow-up to the supposedly final Journey’s End, arrived on Wednesday, with a dizzying number of changes before you even dig into the dozens and dozens of bugs.

Here are the highlights:

  • A new “Zenith” world seed that Re-Logic calls “the true Magnum Opus of Terraria World Seeds.” This one supposedly combines the unique features of every other Terraria world seed and also includes “some features and dynamics unique to that seed.” It’s also scaled to be harder than any other seed, so if you create a Zenith world on Master Difficulty, you’ll essentially be playing on a new legendary difficulty.
  • There is another world seed (opens in a new tab) that turns the world upside down.
  • Gear: You can now create three separate loadouts, so instead of constantly swapping weapons and equipment, you can quickly switch from your building to your combat loadout, or whatever you want.
  • Inventory overhaul: Most items now stack to 9999, and the Void Bag item makes it easier to deal with excess items in your inventory.
  • World seeds and boss updates: Re-Logic has polished the Celebration Mk 10 and For the Worth Seeds with “some pretty big tweaks” and reworked the Golem and Duke Fishron boss fights to make them more involved and more challenging.
  • The Shellfone: an item you can use to choose where your magic mirror teleports you to.
  • Revised melee combat: This includes improvements to a ton of melee weapons, significant rewrites to some specific weapons, and a big change to how melee combat works. “All broadsword class melee weapons (this also includes pickaxes, axes, hammers, and hammocks) now use local immunity frames on hit. Most notably, this means that projectile swords will no longer block their own piercing projectiles from hitting a target on point. empty interval.”


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