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By Charles Brown: Tyson Fury and Eddie Hearn have both confirmed that talks are ongoing for a December 3 fight. Hearn said that the contract will not be signed today, but he is confident about the fight in the end.

At this point, anything Fury says in public has to be viewed as mere noise with no bearing on who he will fight in December. His promoters are still working on Joshua’s fight, and this is his next fight.

Because of them, hopefully, Fury doesn’t ruin future fights by giving his opponents unfair deadlines and talking about withdrawing fights for this or that.

Is Fury’s strange behavior a result of the two knockouts he suffered in his last fight against Deontay Wilder last October? Fury wasn’t doing all that crazy stuff before the last Wilder fight. Did Deontay’s two hard knocks lead to Fury’s rude behavior?

It is not known what happened to Fury that caused him to become so violent when discussing his fight. But he needs to let his advertisers do their job.

Meanwhile, Fury is all over the place, wrestling as usual, and according to Hearn, he gave the journeyman Derek Chisora ​​a fight. Fury recently said Chisora ​​turned down a fight offer.

Why he would want to look Chisora’s way after reportedly turning down the offer is unclear.

Fury fighting the 38-year-old Chisora ​​in December will be almost as albatross-level fight as Manuel Charr. I can’t imagine Fury’s promoters are too happy with the idea of ​​him fighting Chisora ​​on December 3rd.

“The deadline was Monday. “Frank Warren asked me and convinced me to let him continue for two days,” Tyson Fury said on social media about Anthony Joshua’s contract. “Today is Thursday.

“Even though I know you won’t sign this contract, I agree Frank should continue meeting with your group. Now we have BT, DAZN, ESPN all on one page. They are happy with everything. They are ready to roll,” said Fury.

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