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Need to know

what is that Bat-family stealth action game in open world Gotham.
Wait to pay $60
Release date: October 21st
Developer: WB Games Montreal
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Reviewed on: RTX 3080 Ti, i9 12900K, 32GB RAM
Multiplayer? Yes
Link: Official website (opens in a new tab)

Gotham Knights has an excruciatingly long intro where Batman dies. He brawls with Ra’s al Ghul for what feels like 20 minutes and is eventually crushed by the debris of a crumbling batcave. The heroes of the game find his body in the trash, holding his mask in one hand. Batman’s death is the setup for a game that wants to distance itself from the Arkham series and present four bat-protectors as worthy replacements. But Gotham Knights were not ready to let go of the Dark Knight.

No matter how much Batman dies in Gotham Knights, this game cannot escape his legacy as the best video game superhero. It mimics the Freeflow combat that defined the Arkham series and features many of the same villains that were already in the Rocksteady games. Gotham Knights tries so hard to convince you that it’s different and that Batman is really, definitely dead, but all of its new characters end up pulling from the same old script.

(Image credit: Tyler C. / WB Games Montréal)

Gotham Knights fooled me for a few hours though. At first it reminded me how delicious the Arkham-style third-person stealth and combat can be. Every punch and kick has weight and rhythm—it’s almost a staccato. It’s the rare action game, outside of Musou bashing like Dynasty Warriors, where a group of enemies isn’t a chore; it’s a chance to flex your devices and patience to sneak through a puzzle of patrols. As you learn the visual narratives and button press to associate with them, battles rise from messy scraps to Hong Kong ballets.


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