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A musician from Vernon “crushed” the competition at an awards show in Los Angeles in July.

Chris Anders’ highly acclaimed single of 2020, Shattered, won Best North American Rock Song at the 2022 Intercontinental Music Awards in Los Angeles. Her 2022 single, How Did We Get Here, was also nominated for Best North American Pop Song at the awards.

Anders captivates audiences with his warm voice and admirable musicianship, enthusiasm and honesty, creating music that is addictive and joyful even when he delivers an emotional song.

His new single, This Time, was just sent to radio stations by a US radio tracker.

“We’re hoping to get a lot of radio play in North America and Europe,” Anders told The Morning Star.

This time it’s an epic-sounding pop-inspired cover that balances moments of majestic grandeur and subtle contemplation. With a groovy pop-infused melody, Anders has created a cover that respectfully honors the original while giving it a new spin. His soft voice and warm guitar envelop this time with a cozy atmosphere.

Anders’ new album, The Threshing Room Floor, is still in the works and is expected to drop in 2023. Appearing on three of his acclaimed solo albums

Among the rewards Anders received for Shattered were a plaque, a scholarship to an online music school, a one-on-one mentoring session, upcoming interviews and press.

Since the award, Anders has been offered a sponsored artist by UK company G7th Capos. Two high-level PR firms from the US have also approached him and will meet them soon.

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