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Let me start with a confession: I’m not the biggest tank in Final Fantasy 14. In most games, including this one, I’m much more comfortable dishing out damage than I am soaking it up. If you play as a tank in FF14, all eyes are on you: Not only will enemies send all their aggression your way (if you do your job), but the rest of your party will look to you for leadership. At first, that thought terrified me more than the haunted halls of Haukke Manor or the deadly dragons of The Aery.

But I tried it anyway, and now that I’ve been through the main game and two expansions as a tank, I can safely say that my dreaded “tank anxiety” is gone. Once you get the hang of it, tanking isn’t really any harder than playing a damage-per-second (DPS) or healer class; it’s just different. Thanks to the (mostly) patient, easy-going FF14 community, you’ll find plenty of people willing to hold your hand while you master the basics. If you’re ready to take center stage, but still a little afraid to do so, here are 10 tips to help you deal with tank anxiety and become the heart of the party.

1. Run Halls of the Novice missions

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If you started FF14 as a DPS or medic class, you may have forgotten all about the Halls of the Rookie. These single-player missions help you learn your role by giving you real-time instructions as you work together with a group of non-player characters (NPCs). The Halls of the Novice missions for a tank involve generating enmity, targeting enemies from a distance, keeping additional enemies (adds) away from party members, mitigating damage and more.

2. Practice with Duty Support or Squadrons

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The best way to prepare yourself for multiplayer dungeons is to try them out in a pressure-free single player format. You can now run most dungeons from the base game, A Realm Reborn, as well as the first expansion, Heavensward, with a group of NPCs.


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