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The middle child of the Dark Souls franchise, that of FromSoftware Dark Souls 2 is finally back online after a long hiatus from server downtime. But only the DX11 version of Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin is currently online. The DX9 version of the game still works, although you won’t be able to play online with it yet.

For a lot of Souls players watched Dark Souls 2 for being the weakest iteration of the franchise, with its overtly complicated dungeons and a slew of seemingly nonsensical bosses, others hailed the game as a masterpiece. Even the naysayers greatly missed the online features of Dark Souls 2, especially the soapy messages and the extremely fun PvP features. If you’re looking for a round of co-op with your friends, there’s no better time than now to go for it.

Although, with this good news also comes a flurry of not so good news. Although Dark Souls 2 is back online, even an older game looks like it might be an officially dead game now. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition is the predecessor to Dark Souls 2 and the original iteration of the Dark Souls franchise The Prepare to Die edition was an update to 2010s Dark Souls and it added an extra layer of challenge to an already challenging game.

The servers of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die went offline at about the same time as the rest of the franchise did. Although Dark Souls 2 got his connection back, things may not be the same for Prepare to Die.

Due to an aging system, FromSoftware will not be able to restore the web servers of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition If you previously owned the game, you will still be able to access it and continue playing as your save files will not be affected. But you won’t be able to use any of the co-op and PvP features, including any of the soapstones. The game is still playable, although it is a shell of what it once was in its prime.

However, all is not lost since the original Dark Souls and Dark Souls: Prepare to Die editions received a makeover in the form of Dark Souls: Remastered back in 2018. Although this game’s online servers are currently offline, they did come online for a short time earlier this year. FromSoftware has promised that all Dark Souls games will be online on PC soon and urges us to be patient until that day comes.


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