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Boxing is a sad sport that often causes serious harm to those involved. Apart from the two boxers who were affected, even the referee in the ring was often injured. This video that is doing the rounds on the internet proves it.


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From 2014, the video shows a boxing match between Croatian boxer Vido Loncar (red) and Lithuanian Algirdas Baniulis (blue). The latter started the fight with a slap. This made referee Magej Dziurgot intervene.


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Then the Polish referee called all the contestants and declared Baniulis as the winner. It seems that Loncar did not agree with the result and attacked the referee with humiliation, where he took him to the ground. He was landing some powerful punches that hurt Dziurgot, and he was unstoppable when he was kicked out of the ring by his ankle. Not forgetting that while his opponent was abusing the referee, Baniulis left the ring.

According to reports, Loncar was suspended for life by the National Boxing Authority after he attacked the referee at the European Youth Championship in Zagreb.

The supporters of the team responded as Vido Loncar slapped the referee for abuse

The World Boxing Federation, the European Boxing Federation, and other important boxing organizations received an apology from the Croatian Federation after the incident. Witnessing this amazing event, here is what fans have to say.

One fan felt that it was wrong on the part of the boxer and he wrote, “This is called an attack! Hope he gets charged!!”

“That’s what happens when the ref cheats” a fan added.

Someone pointed out the referee’s mistake and said. “Refree is ruined! Blaming the whole thing on the boxer is wrong! There are always 2 sides to every coin!”

A fan mentioned“Good, I hope the detective learns a good lesson after this.”

“The damn boxer didn’t even bother trying to stop the man. Wt.


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“Something happened with the ref to stop the fight which was so quick it seems interesting.”

A fan wrote“It looks like the ref was paid and then punished.”

“It must have been fixed. He got what he deserved and hopefully he won’t talk again.”


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In the meantime, what do you think about this situation? The referee was damaged, or the boxer made a mistake? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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