Book II Now Available On Steam For PC VR Players | Biden News


Moss: Book II dropped on Steam this week without fanfare.

We found the sequel “satisfying” when it debuted on PSVR earlier this year. The platformer continues the adventure with Quill with its release first on PSVR followed by a launch on Quest 2 in July. Polyarc’s first Moss game released in 2018, but its sequel had “brilliant new gameplay mechanics that make for some innovative combat encounters, while puzzles prove to be a surprising highlight. More impressive, though, are some of the ways the game grabs you off guard with both the story and that series-defining bond you establish with Quill reaching new heights.”

We haven’t tried the PC VR version yet but Moss: Book II on Steam lists support for Valve Index, Vive and Oculus Rift with tracked motion controllers. Quest owners with a PC can also play this version via Link. We’ve embedded our graphical comparison from earlier this year comparing PSVR to Quest 2 below.

At the time of this writing, Moss: Book II is priced at $29.99 across all platforms while the original is $19.99.


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