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It really is that time again: the time to look through price histories, compare the latency figures of two seemingly identical RAM kits, fall to your knees and scream at the sun when Amazon adds £5 to an SSD for no reason. That’s right, Black Friday 2022 is almost here, which means the early Black Friday deals on computer hardware, too!

We’re doing things a little differently this year, essentially splitting up our more focused Black Friday hubs (those that exclusively feature gaming keyboard deals, for example, or graphics card deals) with our friends at Eurogamer/Digital Foundry. This means you’ll see links to our corporate brethren more often in the run-up to Black Friday itself, November 25th, but this way should provide the best of both worlds: where anyone who wants to read some deals, will have a lot of resources and recommendations, while RPS readers who prefer to ignore the annual affiliate link will see less of it in the Latest feed.

I’ll be working on my part in the next few days, and will link to these specialized hubs back here once they’re live. For now, here’s an all-in-one list of the absolute best early PC gaming deals I’ve found so far, with more to come.

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Intel Core i5-12400F CPU next to some Intel Core i5 and Core i9 boxes.

Black Friday CPU deals

UK offers:

US offers:

A stack of various NVMe and 2.5in SSDs.

Black Friday SSD deals

UK offers:

WD Blue SN570 1TB – £75 from Amazon UK (was £93)

Not even the cheapest it was, but a good price nonetheless for 1TB of fast PCIe 3.0 storage. If you have a spare M.2 slot on your motherboard and want to leave money for other upgrades, this is the SSD to buy.

WD Black SN850X 1TB – £118 from Amazon UK (was £158)

This is a phenomenally fast PCIe 4.0 SSD – the second fastest for game load times we’ve ever tested, in fact. You could do a lot worse than this at the current price, although since it’s a premium piece of kit, it might be worth waiting until closer to Black Friday for a deeper cut.

WD Black SN770 1TB – £82 from Amazon UK (was £158)

The SN770 has the high speed of PCIe 4.0 SSD and the low price of PCIe 3.0. Well, maybe not quite on the latter. But it’s definitely one of your best value options for taking advantage of 4.0-compatible CPUs and motherboards.

WD Black SN770 2TB – £145 from Ebuyer (was £190)

The SN770 is also sold at Ebuyer, in its 2TB capacity. I cost per gigabyte, this is actually a better deal than the 1TB model above.

Crucial BX500 1TB – £62 (was £74)

SATA-based, 2.5in SSDs are still a huge upgrade over HDDs even if they aren’t NMe fast. And the BX500 is one of the best, maintaining good speeds at prices that have steadily slipped throughout 2022.

Crucial BX500 2TB – £126 (was £184)

As above, only with double the capacity.

SanDisk Ultra 1TB microSD – £110 from Amazon UK (was £218)

Hey, a microSD card is still an SSD. Kind of. This particular one is also one of the best microSD cards for the Steam Deck, and is even cheaper than it usually is.

US offers:

A stack of various Nvidia and AMD graphics cards, piled on a desk.

Black Friday on graphics cards

UK offers:

US offers:

Two computer monitors on a desk, one showing Metro Exodus and one showing RPS in a browser.

Black Friday gaming deals

UK offers:

US offers:

    Acer Nitro XF243Y – $130 from Best Buy (was $220)

    This is an absolute game changer for 165Hz gaming, even with compromises like the not very adjustable stand. The 1080p IPS panel also plays well with AMD FreeSync, which syncs the refresh rate to your graphics card’s FPS output, preventing screen tearing.

    LG 32GP750-B – $300 from Amazon US (was $500)

    For those who prefer a wider, wider screen, the 32in, fast IPS-equipped 32GP750-B is back at its Prime Early Access Sale price. This time, however, it’s available to everyone, not just Prime members.

    Samsung Odyssey G5 – $250 from Best Buy (was $400)

    Best Buy has a big savings on the flat-screen 27-inch model of the Odyssey G5, a 1440p monitor that maxes out at a refresh rate of 165Hz.

    Photo of the HyperX Pulsefire Haste gaming mouse.

    Black Friday gaming mouse deals

    UK offers:

    American agreements

    Logitech G502 Hero – $39 from Amazon US (was $80)

    Than reliable. Great feel, lots of remappable buttons, adjustable weights, fast sensor… hard to go wrong with G502 Hero for gaming.

    Razer Naga Trinity – $60 (was $100)

    The Naga Trinity’s party trick is its removable side plates, which allow you to customize the defining button layout up to a set of 12 individual inserts. That makes it perfect for MMOs, or any other game with several pages worth of control bindings.

    Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro – $60 (was $130)

    Razer’s comfortable, high-performance wireless rodent is back at the same price it was during the Prime Early Access Sale a few weeks ago.

    Three different models of mechanical gaming keyboard on a desk.

    Black Friday gaming keyboard deals

    UK offers:

      SteelSeries Apex 3 – £50 from Amazon UK (was £70)

      Membrane keyboards like the Apex 3 have one advantage over mechanical models: they are much quieter, with no distracting click-click. The specific membrane design that Steelseries uses in its Apex keyboards isn’t as unsatisfyingly hard as you’d fear, either.

      Roccat Pyro – £65 from Amazon UK (was £90)

      The Pyro is one of my favorite cheap mechanical keyboards, with a no-nonsense design and fast linear switches.

      Cooler Master SK652 – £50 from Ebuyer (was £70)

      Although Cooler Master is something of a wild card in the gaming keyboard world, they make some good stuff, including low-profile ‘boards like the SK652. It’s fully mechanical, so at this price it’s a bit of a bargain.

      US offers:

      The Logitech G735 gaming headset hanging on the corner of a screen.

      Black friday gaming headsets

      UK offers:

      US offers:

      Asus TUF Gaming Z590-Plus WiFi board on top of an open computer case.

      Black Friday motherboard deals

      UK offers:

      US offers:

      MSI MAG Z690 Tomahawk – $260 from Best Buy (was $280)

      MSI’s Tomahawk motherboards are almost always a good bet. This is an all singing, all dancing model for Intel 12th Gen processors, and it should work with 13th Gen chips after a BIOS update.

      NXZT N7 Z590 – $168 from Best Buy (was $280)

      If you’d like something a little different, the N7 Z590 – and it’s all board armored – is allowed. It uses the Intel 1200 socket, however, so is designed for older Intel 11th Gen CPUs.

      A bunch of different DDR4 and DDR5 RAM sticks.

      Black Friday RAM deals

      UK offers:

      US offers:

      Photo of the MSI GE76 Raider gaming laptop.

      Black Friday gaming laptop deals

      UK offers:

      Razer Blade 14 – £1686 from Amazon UK (was £2200)

      Razer Blade laptops never forget that even the most powerful gaming laptop still needs to be portable. And this model is a good example, packing an RTX 3070 into a slim chassis build around the 14in, 1440p, 165Hz screen.

      Razer Blade 17 – £1200 from Ebuyer (was £2200)

      Another tempting Razer Blade deal, this time on a 17.3in model with an RTX 3060. Stretching 1080p resolution over 17 inches doesn’t make for the sharpest of screens, but at least the refresh rate is up to 360H, and there’s a generous 1TB of SSD space to ignite

      Gigabyte A5 X1 – £1199 from Ebuyer (was £1350)

      Gigabyte’s gaming laptops tend to be physically lackluster, but generally well specced. You could easily say this about the A5 X1, which uses an RTX 3070 (for a lot less cash than some other 3070 laptops), a Ryzen 9 5900HX processor and a 15.6in 1080p display that runs at up to 240Hz.

      US offers:

      Asus TUF Gaming F15 – $610 (was $650)

      If high GPU prices make it difficult to build an entry-level PC, you could try an entry-level laptop instead. The F15 has a relatively basic 8GB of RAM and Nvidia’s GTX 1650 GPU, but there are thousands of games that will run just fine with those on the 1080p, 144Hz display.

      Asus ROG Zephyrus 14 – $1300 from Best Buy (was $1650)

      Even with a particularly high aspect ratio, this ROG Zephyrus 14 model is well configured with a Radeon RX 6700S GPU and 1TB of PCIe 4.0 SSD storage.


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