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The world of work has transformed over the last few years – demanding workload, remote work and high performance are the order of the day. No wonder, there is an urgent need for advanced computing paraphernalia to run a business seamlessly.

A recent study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Tenable, which included 426 security leaders, 422 business executives, and 479 remote workers to investigate changes in cyber security strategies at large enterprises revealed that 74% of organizations attribute recent business impact cyber attacks to vulnerabilities in technology, set. in place during the pandemic.

This challenge is deepened by the difficulty in managing a range of technologies. The study highlighted that these hiccups occur as a result of enabling a workforce without boundaries, expanding the software supply chain by compromising with third-party software, and migrating business-critical functions to the cloud.

With remote and hybrid work becoming the norm, it’s imperative to keep cybersecurity at the core of your business. Businesses must run on computers that are not only powerful performers, but are also secure, compatible with the latest in cutting-edge software technology, and enable remote monitoring. This is where the Intel vPro® platform steps in to address this gap.

Get the most out of your business

The Intel vPro® platform, backed by industry experts, integrates a series of transformative technologies that have received additional tuning and testing for demanding business workloads. Because every component has been designed for professional-grade IT, businesses can be confident that business-class performance, hardware-enhanced security, modern remote manageability and computer fleet stability are a reality today.

Whether it’s a small business, or a large enterprise, everyone can benefit from the Intel vPro® platform. One simply has to choose the right versions of products from device manufacturers. On the other hand, those with remote device management functionality can extract greater value from the platform by enabling or activating technologies that are part of an Intel vPro® platform.

Benefits of the Intel vPro® platform

The Intel vPro® platform offers a range of benefits, including performance, stability, security and remote manageability.

  • Performance: With the Intel vPro® platform, there’s nothing businesses really need to do to enjoy world-class performance. Whether it’s long battery life, or CPU/GPU optimization to support AI, everything is taken care of. Intel vPro platform technologies such as Intel Deep Learning Boost enable software makers to use AI and ML for a range of functions.
  • Stability: Computing fleet stability is another critical feature of the Intel vPro® platform. Intel’s years of rigorous testing of various hardware components in PCs ensure that all brands of devices built on the platform deliver stability and reliability for smoother fleet management.

In addition, the Intel Stable IT Platform Program ensures that each Intel vPro® platform release is globally supported and available for at least 15 months. This assurance is not just limited to the CPU, but extends to complementary Intel vPro technology such as chipsets, Wi-Fi adapters and Ethernet adapters.

  • Security: Security is non-negotiable, especially for remote businesses today. Most Intel vPro security features are part of Intel Hardware Shield, which is implemented by OEMs, ISVs or partners that require limited IT action. Some of the featured features include Intel Secure Key, Intel BIOS Guard, Intel BIOS Resilience and Intel Total Memory Encryption, among others. In certain cases, third-party programs are required to ensure the full use of its capabilities.
  • Maximize remote manageability: The demands of today’s hybrid workforce are unique. That is why it is important to establish an infrastructure that can support them in their work.

The Intel vPro® platform hardware and firmware provides a comprehensive set of remote management capabilities called Intel AMT. This is the only solution with remote remediation that can return computers in good condition, even when the OS is out of order.

There are already certain software vendors that can incorporate Intel AMT functionality into their products. These include VMware Workspace ONE, Dell Client Command Suite, Accenture Arrow and ConnectWise, among others.

If you want to enjoy modern, cloud-enabled, out-of-band management of Windows devices – it’s essential to consider Intel EMA.

When you choose the Intel vPro platform, you get everything your business needs to thrive. It really is a necessity in a world where technology is constantly updating, newer security challenges are always around the corner, and managing a remote workforce effectively is the cornerstone of a thriving business.

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