Suspected ATM explosion in Vosman foiled | Biden News


Ten bank robbery suspects have been arrested after police raided a house in Vosman following some leads.

The suspects are charged with unlicensed storage of firearms with ammunition, as well as illegal storage explosive substances.

A joint operation uncovered the plans of the alleged robbers on Wednesday, October 26.

It is believed that they wanted goal an ATM in Vosman.

Two R5 rifles, a 9mm pistol, ammunition and explosives were seized during the arrest.

“Around 1:30 a.m., the police arrived at a house. A white Ford Ranger with Gauteng registration plates was parked outside the house with nine passengers inside. A search was conducted and firearms and ammunition were found. On further observations, astute officers noticed that the serial numbers on the rifles had been obliterated,” said Colonel Donald Mdhluli, Mpumalanga SAPS spokesperson.

Another suspect was found in the house with stained banknotes.

An explosive device and various chemicals were also found in a black bag in one of the bedrooms.

Police have not yet determined whether chemicals were used to clean the stained notes.

Police said the suspects may be connected to other crimes committed elsewhere.

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